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Interior Design…..And other STUFF...

 I have to admit that I was rather (pleasantly) surprised to hear from a number
of you asking where I was and why I had not blogged!  Well, there is no 
excuse, but rather loads of explanations.  As you might guess,
work with clients has really picked up over the last year.  I welcome the work
and feel blessed to do what I love and meet so many great homeowners
who want to make their homes look and feel better!  I have to say, I have
worked with many different design aesthetics this year, but lately it has been 
lots of modern spaces which I am loving!  It has been a nice change
of pace from the traditional….These are a few examples of design
concepts I presented to some local Portland clients recently.

On a personal level - my girls are getting older and busier and I am 
just trying to keep up and ENJOY these quickly passing years.  I think my
Emma was in 4th grade when I started this blog and she is now finishing her
junior year of high school (will be a senior in the fall!) and Abigail was in
1st grade and will begin her freshman year of high school in the fall!
For a majority of their childhood, I was a stay-at-home mom and really
still consider myself that - however, in reality I work pretty much 
full-time now and sometimes miss those days I had fresh-baked
cookies in the oven when they arrived home from school.  So I try to
do both, or feel like I am still super engaged while also pursuing
my own work…because what will I do when they are gone?  It is a balance
I have yet to figure out, and likely will never.  But I do my best to 
be present and appreciate the nights around the dinner table, school
activities, plays, games, the hugs and yes, even the sister fights, wet
towels on the floor, the laundry and the occasional 'teen moments'.

And……most recently, my husband and I traveled to the south of France and
Barcelona, Spain!  Say what????  Yes, indeed.  We were lucky to mix some
business and pleasure in the most spectacular of places.  We spent
just three days in Nice, France and I look forward to going back for
a longer period of time.  The only word that comes to mind to explain 
how I felt about it is 'dreamy'.  I really couldn't believe I was there.  It
met every expectation.

In my last post, I offered a summer design board special and I still have TWO
spots open in July (which has NEVER happened in years past - they usually 
are all scooped up quick)…..SO, if you are interested in having me help
you with a space in your home, please send me an email (
and we can go from there!  The cost is $275 per space - $150 when we 
schedule and balance due when the first version of the design board
is submitted to you!

So that's where I have been.  You can always be kept obnoxiously
up-to-date on my life if you follow me on Instagram - jillhinsoninteriors

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