It was love at first sight!

Yep, that's her pictured above....

All 8'x 8' of her...

Of course, she doesn't always look like this....someday I will show you her "everyday" look.

She looks extra special because she got a mini-makeover this weekend.

If I was being honest, the mudroom in our cottage is what really sold me on the house, period, end of story.

In addition to the three built in lockers pictured above, there are three MORE identical lockers on the opposite side! Yes, that's a grand total of SIX lockers....if there was such a thing as a family-storage heaven, this would be it.

And while the mudroom looked pretty good and functioned very well for us the last couple years, the painted black cabinets had faded and were pretty scratched up. In the interest of full-disclosure - I would have LOVED to paint these puppies white/cream because I am not a huge fan of the black. However, I am a realist and know that the black, in this particular room, is much.more.practical. And my family already has a lunatic mother telling them to not put their feet on the white slipcovered sofa, I will generously spare them a lunatic mother telling them they can't hang their soccer bag in the mudroom 'cause it will scratch the white cabinets. Hey, even I know I can only ask them to put up with so much and still love me...

So this weekend, I gave the old girl a fresh coat of paint and added cute little metal name plates on each locker.

To lend some perspective - our cottage was originally a split-level home. The mudroom and laundry room are a half-level below the main level (in what used to be the family room!). It was a fabulous idea to carve out more modern conveniences - ie. a mudroom and large laundry room - within the footprint of an older home. I wish I could take the credit... but the only thing I can take credit for is exclaiming "SOLD!" when I first saw this mudroom.....

But don't get the idea that just because we have an ideal mudroom that we have an ideal home.....we gave up alot in other areas....small bedrooms, small dining room, less than adequate master bedroom closet space.....just to name a few.

Someday these mudroom lockers will be empty, no soccer bags, cleats, dance bags, coats strewn about....it will remind me where we were in our life when we bought our little cottage....and how that mudroom meant sweet love at first sight for me!

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Have a fabulous day!
7 comments on "It was love at first sight!"
  1. It all looks gorgeous! I'll just go on pretending she always looks like this=0)


  2. looks great!!!
    nice chatting with ya!

  3. Love it! Very beautiful!

    That's the one thing my little cottage is missing and is on my list for our next house (if we ever move). I love mudrooms! :)

  4. I love the lockers... and I love black too... I decorate with it often it really helps balance things out :) Enjoy your week :)


  5. mudrooms are the best and yours looks fabulous! :) love how you spruced her up. she looks very happy!!


  6. Hi, Your mudroom lockers are perfect. They look so awesome, how lucky are you to have that much storage and it looks pretty too!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow! What great storage and it looks so sharp!


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