It was exciting to see the 'sold' sign
added to our 'for sale' sign
in our snowy Minnesota yard!

Selling our home in this horrible
real estate market was my biggest
fear.  Or should I say, more accurately,
selling our home for more than we
owe the mortgage company
was my biggest fear.

I would have never guessed that we would be
able to sell our cottage in two weeks,
in one of the snowiest Minnesota winters
on record.  I feel blessed cause I know
so many others have not been so fortunate.

We had a few things working in our favor.....
the first, being location.  We live in a desirable
neighborhood, and paid more for our cottage
than we probably should have to do so.  Second, our
school's have an excellent reputation, particularly our
elementary school. Third, there were virtually no
other homes in our price range, in our neighborhood on
the market when we were, plus our cottage is considered
'modest' in comparison to the homes on the
lake that surround us. And finally, I would like to think
our cottage sold quickly because, well, it is decorated
tastefully.  I did not remove one single personal
item, picture etc...advice that is often given by real estate agents.

Now begins the difficult process of saying our goodbyes ~
something I loathe doing.  I am just not good at saying
goodbye.  I'd rather say 'see ya later'.

Last night, my big girl had a meltdown and proclaimed
"I just don't want to move". 
I was actually happy to hear her say it.  She
had been keeping a stiff upper lip and being so positive.
And while she is generally able to adapt well and does not fear change,
I knew better than to think that all is hunky-doory in that little head of hers.
I validated all her feelings and fears but also reassured her
that all will be ok too.

I anticipate a wild rollercoaster ride during the next 6 weeks!

9 comments on "Sold...."
  1. congrats!!!! that is awesome news...especially in this market! that means...it was meant to be! :)

  2. Congrats Jill!! Im so happy for you!Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Uh even though it's sold I can't wait to see this forever cottage of yours. I'm bringing my camera...ready for a treat:)

    I hate goodbyes too. We won't say it. It's not really true. We'll definitely see each other again.

  4. congrats!! and as a fellow twin citian getting ready to list a house, i say hooray for a quick sell!!! that gives me hope!! good luck with your move ... the kiddo will come around. there are always new friends to meet and new adventures to be had!

  5. Hi Jill. I can almost sense the better night sleep you're going to get tonight. Moving is exciting..but the selling and little tears can pull at your spirit. I enjoyed that you've shared the process with all of us. I think it has brought me a moment of healing.....We lived in a cottage setting community in the Twin Cities for about 2 years and felt such contentment. It was decorated so very similar to your much loved home and my landscaping was almost as cherished as my 3 children. I was truly in the walls and ground of this home. Then my husband got a job offer out of state and we had to move 2 years ago. So to sell in a very short time and move as we did, gave me mixed emotions that I don't think I've dealt with inside. I was allowing my husband to follow a great job and I was feeling proud that my decorating and attention to detail set our sweet home apart from the rest... but it was gone so quickly. I felt relief that we beat the trend of the market.....but I dealt with the sadness our children were suddenly having when the move became very real and never nurtured my own feelings. I miss that home. I truly do. But your post of all the homes that you have loved along your way, made me realize that I need to let myself be in the walls and ground of y new home. Time to move on. Thank you. Lisa

  6. As a military family, I dread the day we have to sell and simply want to pay off the loan. Our kids wouldn't know what to do. The good choices you have made have payed off and you will love you new home too. I already love being apart of your transition.

  7. Yahooo! :) When we told Will we had an offer we were going to accept he started crying...and crying and crying and was saying "I didn't want to sell it!". We felt so bad because this was the only home he knew and loved and change is hard for him - but had to laugh because um...what did he think might happen with that "For Sale" sign in the front yard!?! Good luck packing!!! See you soon!!!

  8. Congrats on your sale!! Moving is hard but it is also exciting. Looking at and finding new places!! Having a new space to decorate and inhabit! Very cool! What an exciting journey you are partaking!!
    Enjoy every minute of it!

  9. Your home looks very cozy I saw it on someone else's website. If you are coming to Portland Oregon I am very close by maybe we can meet for lunch some day... take care


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