Our home….the spring version.

The one constant in our home is change…..

It's both a blessing and curse to be a creative who loves
design and has never met a home accessory she didn't like…..

I admit I am fickle….lamps, trays, vases, busts, lanterns,
pillows, ginger jars, art, antlers, mirrors……all
seem to rotate around here on a regular basis…..

I obviously have posted too many photos of our home on this blog….
but if you are a regular around here, you will notice some

I snapped these photos just today…..look closely and you will
see shoes, a raggedy dog toy {and lazy goldendoodle} a stray 
camera lens cover in a home styled for REAL life.

Remember, I have older children so our main living areas
stay pretty neat - we have a 'bonus room' upstairs where
my girls really relax and watch television.  {Someday I will
show you photos of that space - it's a space I intend to work on 
over the summer/fall}.

I picked up that fern at the grocery store for $4.99 yesterday…..I always remind
clients that some of the best home accessories are at your grocery store - and 
you can pick up really cheap and unique vases and vessels
at thrift stores and flea markets.  If you keep some on hand, it's easy
to plop a grocery store fern or orchid and add to your console or
coffee table - instant 'specialness'.

I bought my Restoration Hardware 'Madeleine' chairs many 
years ago….they are on sale for a great value so I ordered
an armed version for the end of my dining table….however,
RH no longer makes the same finish as my original chairs…..
I am ok with the contrast because I am happy to have that
extra seat at the end of the table. 

If I titled the photo above, it might be called "Too much is never Enough".

My high schooler has finals this week.
Yesterday I forgot my 6th grader had early pick-up at 
school….she had to call me from the school office and
ask if I was coming - major MOM FAIL!  I guess we
are all ready for summer……

And a California update….thanks for all the shopping suggestions!
We ended up visiting Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu -
all fun but phew, I could NOT drive in that traffic everyday!
Bountiful, the one store I really wanted to shop, was 
closed for some reason! Darn!  

It's Tuesday….in JUNE…..let's get this summer party started!

23 comments on "Our home….the spring version."
  1. always love peeks into your home!! its GORGEOUS!

  2. You are the bookshelf whisperer... please come do my house!

    1. Well all it takes is lots of STUFF! I am a great collector of that!

  3. I can never get enough of the photos of your house. Keep them coming! Absolutely love your style. It is relaxed, classic, and easy-going. Is that an Odette settee?

    1. Thanks! My settee was a flea market purchase about 4 years ago..

  4. love love love love love love, you get the idea?

    1. Thanks so much for sharing more of your beautiful home! It was like a little afternoon retreat looking thru them! Your home is beautiful!! I too forgot early release this week... your not alone!

  5. Your home is lovely and stylish Jill. Thanks for the tour.

  6. LOVE your home...so welcoming! Any chance you want to share your paint colors (wall and trim)?

  7. Lovely home tour...I love your bookcase styling and your gallery wall!

  8. LOVE your home! I'm not sure you could ever have too many photos :) Thanks again for sharing!

  9. Jill,
    I love your home decked out for summer. So many of your comments resonated with me! Accessories are my weakness and I embrace change. It's fun to find a kindred spirit in blog land. :-)

  10. thanks for the inspiration. your home is just beautiful. no matter how you have it decorated. i am always rearranging mine too. love change.

  11. Your home looks fabulous. Like a sophisticated but relaxed summer retreat.

  12. Your bookcases are styled perfectly, in my humble opinion. I could sit and stare at them all day. What a lovely place to call home!

  13. I just love seeing pictures of your home. It is so pretty and comfortable.....I would feel right at home! Funny, I didn't even notice the little "imperfections"...shoes, camera lens (I did notice the cute dog right away). Thanks for keeping it real though......

  14. Your home always looks so beautiful yet welcoming. I am trying hard to see what all you have on those shelves in the kitchen : ) I am sure they are every bit as beautiful as the rest of your amazingly styled areas. Happy June!

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  16. Love your home Jill.....everything! Especially those perfectly styled bookcases!!

  17. Can you please tell me where your light is from that hangs over your kitchen table? Thanks!

  18. What paint color are your walls in the living/dining room? I love it!


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