i did it right this time.....

Feeling a bit of deja vu?????

Remember I already did a photo collage wall going up the HUGE staircase
in our new home?

Well, I never REALLY loved it - for the most part it was ok but I completely
just winged it and the result was pictures that were hung to high.

It bugged me ALL summer.

This week, after getting a couple new photos that I wanted to include, I started to 
'tweak' the wall but quickly realized that I needed to start anew if I 
was to get it just right.

So I did something drastic!

I actually did it RIGHT {NOT politically speaking, wink-wink!} and 
 used craft paper to trace and cutout each item I wanted to hang.
I used painters tape to put them up on the wall which allowed me
to move them around easily.

I also labeled each paper square so I was able to get just the right mix
of photos and art pieces.

On a big wall like this, where you are viewing the wall from the first floor, it is very
important to hang the frames low on the wall - see how many of mine are almost on the stair trim?
Hanging them higher is, well, TOO HIGH!
18 comments on "i did it right this time....."
  1. That wall is fabulous!! It looks straight out of a magazine. Love the arrangement. I just recently played with one of my gallery walls and made it "feel" better to me too!

  2. I have been struggling with a similar dilemma!! Yours turned out great!!


  3. Lovely! Great idea with the paper cutouts and hanging low. You did a perfect job!

  4. I'm working on a gallery wall too. I still need a little something extra before I start on it. I'm waiting for something to jump out at me-no luck just yet. I would love for you to share this on my WhateverWednesday link party!

  5. that is such a hard project. you make it look easy. love all the different finishes and the letters. you rock girlie. it looks wonderful. but of course i thought it was awesome before:)

  6. The wall looks very nice and interesting. I bet that was alot of work to get like that. Those were good tips you shared.

  7. I love it! Feel free to stop over at my place and help me out :)

  8. I'd say they are
    RIGHT where they
    are supposed to be,
    just like you : )
    How was your trip
    to Seattle?
    xx Suzanne

  9. It looks amazing! I really admire your determination. I would love to do a gallery wall in my home but it's just too scary! Your's is the perfect example of how to do it perfectly.

  10. i liked it the first time around! you are super determined. i get lazy! can't wait to see how it looks!

    ashley over @

  11. Well done Jill! It was so helpful for me to see your process as I am wanting to do this too but felt intimidated by the idea of it.

  12. I absolutely love this!!! It's totally perfect ... a perfect mix of large and small, art and photo ... wonderful!

  13. So what is the rule for hanging the pics when you see them going up the stairs and also from "the loft" at the second floor? I've got nothing an the wall because I can find a starting point. It feels too low from the second floor and too high as you ascend the stairs. Any help would be appreciated. Yours looks beautiful, btw. And the idea of doing the paper shapes totally makes sense. I'm such a visual person and this way I'm not putting a ton of holes all over until I get it "just right". LOL

  14. I was searching the internet for inspiration for a gallery wall I want to create and I came upon yours. I love it. I am "pinning" it. Just wanted to say thank you.

  15. Can you tell me more about your runner? What material is it, what width, and where did you order it? Thanks in advance!

  16. You have a lovely home..& I just love your gallery wall, I'm on that right now and looking for ideas and how to's. I had some pictures frames on the floor too, just to see what I get first but I better get some paper on the wall. Thank you for the inspiration. :)


  17. SO, what did you hang them with? Because hanging can change things and I don't want this many nails in my wall. Have you tried the stick ems that come clean off the wall?

  18. Jill. I love your wall. I am planning a staircase and need the inspiration. I originally found your wall on a decorators post. I tracked it's source to find you. You've done an excellent job. I love the lighting. I need to try that! Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you don't mind I've included your wall in my post. I've given you credit. Thanks for sharing.


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