I can't help myself.....

That craving for change in my home always seems to show up right on time.....
on or around January 1st, usually right after the tree is out on the curb,
the tacky green and red tubs are secure in their attic space for another year.....

Yes, I know, I have proclaimed on this blog, a few times, my
dislike for Christmas decor and messing up my regular imperfectly
placed decor - but that doesn't stop me from letting it all hang out in
it's red and green glory...

When the holidays are done, the house always seems.....well, undone.
Do you feel the same?....Come on, PLEASE tell me I
am not some crazy, freak.....

So at this point, when said craving shows up {right on time}, I start 'projects' that lead
to other 'projects' that lead to my house becoming 
ONE BIG MESS of projects and let's just say....
momma get's cranky and anxious about getting her perfectly,
imperfect home back in imperfect order!

This weekend I painted this $12 Goodwill find {yes, I know I already painted it
and blogged about it here}..... I was feeling that my light colored
walls needed a little contrast in the furniture department.

As much as I love the all white look, I just don't think I can pull
it off and live with it.

The dresser is newly painted SW Urbane Bronze, sanded to distress it
and then it got a tung oil rub down to finish her off.

As the picture above proves, I obviously don't like to iron!  Ha!
I also purchased these parson chairs and slips at World Market during their
super-duper furniture sale last week. I also brought in
a sisal rug for under the dining room table. 

I ended up moving my bench to another area of the house, which remains a big mess 
and thus not photographed for the purposes of this blog post.....

So what 'projects' are making your home pretty these days?
33 comments on "I can't help myself....."
  1. I agree, after Christmas leaves me wanting change to my home. I can never remember how I had it arranged before. Plus it all looks so empty now, which always leads me to junking.. I'm really having a extra hard time this year.. I'm hoping to find some ideas soon.. Love your dresser!!

  2. Everything looks wonderful Jill! ;) And I have to agree with you about the Christmas stuff!!lol Hugs, Rachel

  3. There is something so satisfying about that getting rid of those Christmas decorations...as much as I love putting them up...I really feel a great sense of relief with taking them down. Then the fun begins! I am with you on too much white, contrast really makes the neutrals come alive for me! Everything looks lovely!!

  4. I was just going to say "where's the bench"... I am moving things around like crazy!!!

  5. Tis the season to start new projects. Once the Christmas crates are stored away, the canvas is fresh and craving something new and different. If only I could convince my husband of this ~ they just don't get it;)


  6. Yes I am rearranging too although my husband says I do it all the time not just in January LOL
    Looks beautiful

  7. Beautiful chest of drawers and I love your lantern!

  8. Love the dresser redo! Quick question for you...I've never used tung oil to seal a piece of furniture. Can it be used on white and light colors or will it yellow?


  9. Holy cow....that is ONE beautiful dining room, Jill! I adore all of the windows!! That photo looks like something right out of a magazine, do you know that? It's just beautiful! :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. I just found your beautiful blog through Pinterest. YES - that's exactly how I fell after taking down Christmas :). I finally made a window treatment for my master bathroom, which made me feel better. It also made me want to do more!

  11. Jill it looks fantastic and gorgeous!!!!

  12. Love the color of the chest!! And your dining room looks terrific!!
    I am still in the process of taking down the Christmas decor. But I know what you mean. The house seems undone without all the decorations. I am eyeing the entire living room right now...it needs some design intervention for sure. Too crowded! Sigh!!

  13. it's gorgeous.
    i had to look twice to make sure it wasn't an image from a magazine!!

  14. Your dining room is fabulous! :) On my part, I am rearranging my room and I will be putting a new headboard for my bed which I will do myself. :D

  15. You did a beautiful job on that dresser, what a find too! I feel the same way after Christmas so I keep some winter decor up so its not so bare.

  16. I love that piece dark...although I also love(d) it light! Its a great find! I had to go back through your posts to see what color it was before! I am also craving some darker pieces. I love how they really ground a space. Can't wait to see where you put your dreamy bench! Chat soon friend!

  17. You did a fantastic job on that dresser! LOVE it!

    It seems I am in a constant stage of rearranging...my madness knows no season. Lol! ;o)


  18. Jill, it turned out great! I might have to pick up some tips tomorrow at lunch...! ;)

  19. Wow, love it all. Found the pic of your dresser on Pinterest and had to find out where it came from--love it! And your dining room is awesome. Love all the texture.

  20. Hi, I just found your blog through pinterest, I love it! I have a question, not related to this post... I read that you had your kitchen cabinets professionally sprayed. Did you just hire a regular painter and use latex or oil paint? Or did you find someone who uses some type of paint that could stand up to the major wear and tear of kitchen use? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Love your style!!! Nancy

  21. Oh.. Love that chest! I also love your eating area! I'm dying for a new look in my area too! - Susan

  22. Love the dresser! And your dining table & chairs. May I ask where you got your dining table from? Love the looks of it. I am not in a hurry to replace ours, but it is definitely not my taste. :)

  23. I feel the same way jill!! your home is so pretty, ya know I want a full on tour, like video and all ASAP!! happy weekend darling!! xo

  24. The chest you painted came fabulous.....I can't believe it was a Goodwill find....Bravo!!
    and I love your light fixture over your table...my dining room furniture is very similar to yours but your light just punches up the room a notch...good job.

  25. Jill....just found your blog and I'm loving it! Your home is so gorgeous! I happen to be in the process of looking for a farmhouse table for my kitchen and I absolutely love yours! I live near the Amish country in Pennsylvania. Can you tell me who made your table? Thanks...Theresa

  26. Beautiful look-love your blog-following you from MMS-stop b y for a visit!

  27. I love the lantern above your dining table. Can I ask where you got it? Thank you!

  28. Looking for post/instructions on your amazing goodwill purchase that you painted... link does not seem to go there or I am being silly ;) it is so pretty!

  29. Hi! I LOVE your dresser re-do. Looks beautiful. I was wondering if I could ask where the lovely leaf print and frame hanging above the dresser are from?

    Thank you!

  30. Jill, may I ask where you got that awesome cream colored slipcover from?
    Christine from Little Brags

  31. Hi! I love the dresser. Do you mind me asking what brand of tung oil and how many coats did you use on the dresser? Thanks:)

  32. Where did you get your dinning room chairs? I need those!


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