Going 'green'........

 Well, here she is......
I chose to go with a green front door.....
Am I thrilled?
Overly excited to show you all?
Not really.

I know it's a rather dull shade of green...
What can I say?
I played it safe.
Sometimes we do that.
And, perhaps, after having a bold yellow
door for a time...I was do for 'stately'
and 'classic'.....
I could mention all the things I would like
to change about the front of our house...
like a new front door minus the frosted glass
on the sidelights {really, who does this?}....
and bigger lights on either side of the door,
and perhaps a hanging fixture above the door
 instead of the recessed

I would love to have a screen door but it's
a 'no go' with the lack of depth we have.....

Do you know how much $$$ a whole
new front door with the frame and all is going
for these days? Cha-ching!

And today while at the hardware store, I may or may not
have checked out another shade of green.....shhhh,
don't tell my husband!

Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day.....

6 comments on "Going 'green'........"
  1. I love all of your pretty springy touches on the porch. I painted our front door twice in one week. I wanted black but the first color showed more navy blue. I like the classic green on your door.
    Happy Mothers Day!

    1. Thank you! I may be painting - again this week....

  2. it looks great!
    we're checking on a new front door, too...you're right, their outrageous!

  3. Your porch looks great! Thankful my husband works for a door company so we got a good discount on ours. As far as checking out another color post painting - I can identify : )

  4. I've played it safe for 6+ years now, with the popular red door {our house colors are 'brownish' clay, white and black} The doors have needed to be painted for the last 2! {both front and back doors are visible} I'm drawn to the idea of another color, I like/love so many, but don't want them to 'clash' with the house color. If nothing else I'll go with 'Oxblood' red. I know, I know, playing it safe. :) On a different note I simply adore your "shut the front door" sign! Did you make that little cutie?


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