Shelf Styling with DIY Art….

Black and white abstract art has been making appearances in lots of gorgeous spaces.
The photo above is from Williams Sonoma Home.  The bookshelves are
styled beautifully and include Williams Sonoma Home's Abstract Brushstrokes.
When styling bookshelves for myself or clients I love the look of either
hanging or leaning art among the shelves.

With the change of seasons, I was inspired this weekend to quiet
the bookshelves in my own home.  I am a collector at heart but
was feeling the shelves had become cluttered and overwhelmed
with vintage items.  Craving a bit more updated and modern vibe, 
I wanted to try my hand at creating my own abstract art
inspired by Williams Sonoma Home photo above.

I have to say that I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.
I used acrylic paint on watercolor paper (I liked it because it has a texture to it).
The frames are from Michael's (and were 50% off this weekend).  I chose
to set the paper on top of the mats rather than behind them when I put
my art in the frame.  For whatever reason, I like this look better.

Simplicity - in the season of fall house tours, I choose to embrace simplicity.
It is what is working for me in this busy season.

2 comments on "Shelf Styling with DIY Art…."
  1. WOW... your bookcases looked great before but even BETTER now. You are so talented Jill!

  2. Love the look, and the art! I struggle with living with too many art and gardening books, and art, and pictures of grandchildren!


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