Minted to the rescue….a space in my home that have you likely have never seen before! (and a giveaway, too!)

I confess, I do most of my living in our home on the first floor.

Our second floor has just our girls' bedrooms, their shared bathroom 
and a bonus room that basically serves as 
the girls' hang-out space for when their friends
come over or they watch movies.  I hardly ever go up there - that is
sort of what happens when you have teenagers…..I know that it will
likely be a mess and I just don't need that negativity in my life ;)…..

When Minted.com asked me if I was interested in looking at some of 
their new art prints, I knew exactly the room in need of some improvement…..
our bonus room.  I actually have never hung a single thing on the walls  -
ok, stop, let's process that for a moment.  The lady with the obnoxious 
gallery walls has a bonus room with NO art……

Well, I thought if Minted.com hooked me up with some great art,
maybe I might be inclined to visit my children upstairs more often - ha!

I sent the Minted.com peeps a photo of my pitiful space and let them
choose the art prints they thought would look best.

So without further adieu, I give you my home's bonus space:

And I couldn't resist including a couple photos of one of the  upstairs
residents doing what they seem to do best……Cause it's important
for designers to show both form and FUNCTION.

Minted is such a generous company - they are giving one of YOU the 
opportunity to win a $200 credit so you can add some art to your artless walls too!

To Enter:

* Go to Minted.com

* Take a look at the art prints

* Come back here and leave a comment
telling me which art print
your would order with 
your winnings!

Enter by Friday, October 23.

I will announce the winner on Saturday!

44 comments on "Minted to the rescue….a space in my home that have you likely have never seen before! (and a giveaway, too!)"
  1. That was a hard decision, but I've narrowed it down to 4 I like Open an Umbrella, Lost in the fog, Forest Focus, Leaf, and Sundrop. Loved seeing pictures of your bonus room!

  2. Sea wall by Lindsay Megahed is beautiful and speaks summery breezy words to me.

  3. I would choose the conversation 2 I love it. All of them are very beautiful!

  4. Loving the "Waves from Above" art print. Would look great in a bathroom!

  5. They have beautiful artwork. I would like to get something for my son's room, or the One More Cup art print for my coffee bar in the kitchen. Thank you

  6. Great room! And the art looks awesome. I'd pick form by lauren packard

  7. Hi Jill - I would order the Fresh Berries print. It would look really cute in our kitchen and I saw some others that I think would be great for our upstairs hallway where our kids' rooms are. The London Skyline would be perfect since we were in London this past summer. The artwork in your bonus room looks really nice!

  8. "Rain II" and "Mid summertime" are my favorites...but love so many of them

  9. You have my rug!! I want that rug so badly but it's sold out on RugsUSA! It is perfection. Did you find your's there - or somewhere else? I love your prints - the room is so cozy! And that RUG.

  10. And since I'm here, might as well try my shot at this awesome giveaway! I would have to go with the Mornings Away by Emily Jeffords. It would go perfectly in my dining room and have to pick a semi local artist since I live in NC! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  11. Easy peasy...I would order cloud study by tara andris. Love 'em ! Thanks for the opportunity. Insert big toothy smile right here!

  12. I would LOVE to order "Arise" by Kelly Johnston or an Emily Jeffords print!

    -Madison B

  13. I would LOVE to order "Arise" by Kelly Johnston or an Emily Jeffords print!

    -Madison B

  14. I love "the meadow" and I also really like the large one they chose for your room.

  15. None other than Kelly Money... Gentle Tempest.


  16. we are searching for some new art for our mantel. i am thinking snow spirit would be a nice start to inspire us. (love your hangout room).

  17. I'm sure you cleaned up a bit before this photo shoot but I'd say that room looks pretty good and clean ;)

    I'm all about the colors in "The Meadow" print and think they'd go great in my daughters room!!

  18. I would love to add some new artwork to the walls in our bonus room. I would add the Little Miss and Little Mister prints for sure!! Thank so much for the awesome giveaway!!!

  19. "Arise" by Kelly Johnston framed in distressed indigo stain- would be a dream come true in my LR , I love, love , love Minted - and their art collection: its my escape place when I need to get away- and get some visual insp. daydreaming about my perfectly curated house;) lol Thank you so much for the chance.
    P.S. Your wall look amazing!

  20. I am in love with the print "Mornings Away" by Emily Jeffords - so cool and calming! Your gallery wall looks great!

  21. Great room! Would love this print...it reminds me of my trip last year: Whitewash Santorini
    limited edition print by Simi Gauba Have to comment as anonymous...Thanks Christa

  22. Hello, Jill!
    Your bonus room
    looks gorgeous and
    I love the Minted.com

    I'd choose the "Birch
    Woods in Winter" print
    with the Reclaimed Barnwood
    frame. Right now it would
    look superb against the
    latte-colored walls of my
    own kid's "hang-out" space,
    and later it would remind
    me of Minnesota (when we
    no longer live here.....)

    Thanks for hosting such
    a great giveaway!

    xo Suzanne

  23. I would probably pick Staredown. I love it!

  24. I would pick either the Success (Plan your work then work your plan) or the Single Bloom art work - both are great looking! Susan

  25. Such an awesome give away. I've been dying to try out Minted art. I've been crushing on Emily Jeffords lately.

  26. love "cloud view" for my bare walls!

  27. I love Mornings Away by Emily Jeffords. But I love all of her work and it's been on my wish list!!
    keshacagle at yahoo dot com

  28. Oh my...I would either pick a custom silhouette foil art or use the credit to purchase senior graduation announcements!

  29. I love the Blousy Print just like yours. It would look great in my daughters room!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. My current picks are the Abstract Lands series (4) and Morning Dew. I think they would be the perfect finishing touches to our floor to ceiling gallery wall in our office!

  32. Ooh, I love the ones you chose! Blousy right? I like Rain II, Berry bouquet, even still, and open an umbrella. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Flutter and hexagon cluster are my 2 watercolor faves! They would be perfect in my newly remodeled front room. Working on decor now! You did a lovely job! Ive been eyeing that rug too! I also love rain and form

  34. I like the Whitewash Santorini art print. So pretty.

  35. Snowscape 1 or Men in Red are my favorite art prints from Minted. They would look great as part of a gallery wall :-)

  36. i really love the swift fox art print - it reminds me of my dog, she looks and acts like a little wild fox. dtdady at gmail dot com

  37. The bonus room looks great! Love the art choices with your colors...and I love the sectional too! (would you mind sharing where that is from?) So many great Minted Art choices, but if I had to pick one, I think it would always be any Emily Jeffords print. Thanks for sharing your space!

  38. I love the mineral 03 print -looks just like an agate!!

  39. I think I might get Serene Forest in chestnut. vera khule at gmail dot com

  40. Hi Jill! I Love Minted and have gotten darling Christmas and children's Valentine's Day cards, as well as kid's art for many in the family. If I were lucky enough to win, I would be excited to receive Birch Woods In Winter!

  41. I love Minted and the Katie Craig art! Love your space!

  42. Your bonus space looks great and the art is a lovely addition. I have two teen guys and lots and lots of nieces, nephews and greats that are also teenagers and young adults so I definitely recognize the pose ;)


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