Eco and budget friendly flooring……yes please!

Remodeling can bring a lot of stress to homeowners - 
I know this because I am often asked to help stretch a budget
to accomplish a lot for a little.  We are very fortunate
to live in a time when there are SO many finish options as 
well as so many sources to get the most for your hard
earned dollars!  

Earlier this week I talked about online sources for
 bathroom remodels. Today I want to talk about a great 
online resource for online flooring, GoHaus.

Let's face it - most homeowners prefer hardwood
floors.  Am I right?  But installing new hardwood
can prove costly and labor intensive.  It's a difficult
project to DIY and requires leaving your home while 
the floors are stained.  For these reasons, many
homeowners are considering other products that offer
the look of wood but offer easier upkeep,
DIY installation, lower cost and are considered
a sustainable and green product.

A general contractor I work with, recently convinced me
to check out 'LVT' (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring. The vinyl planks
come in various widths and lengths and mimic the look and
texture of real hardwood!  I was skeptical but checked some out
in person and fell in love! Luxury vinyl planks from GoHaus
can be installed in every room of your home as they
are humidity resistant and meet strict indoor
air quality emission standards. Vinyl plank flooring
from GoHaus is made from recycled materials and
are 100% recyclable.

Yes, this kitchen has luxury vinyl plank flooring from GoHaus!
Doesn't it look great?

Besides luxury vinyl plank flooring, GoHaus offers engineered
wood flooring and tile flooring too!  The porcelain tile
that mimic wood are fabulous!  GoHaus makes it 
easy to make choose your flooring by offering up to 6 free
samples shipped directly to you.  And by avoiding the 
middle man(manufacturer direct), pricing is very low.

Go get your flooring on!

2 comments on "Eco and budget friendly flooring……yes please!"
  1. My hubby and I are looking into the vinyl plank flooring for our basement.. I think it looks great in the pics.. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  2. We put in vinyl plank in our previous home and were very happy with it. It held up very well and had nice variations in color and texture. I also loved that I could put it in every room in my house, including the bathrooms and laundry room. We're hoping to install it in our current house sometime this year. I'll have to check out GoHaus flooring. Thanks for sharing!


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