Blogging is hard work, it is a miracle that this picture exists on this post. Please bear with me as I finish adding to all the do-dads on the sidebars (I think that is what you call them!).

This week, while corporate guy husband is away finishing a masters program (thank God!), I am going to work in my kids bathroom a bit. I look forward to sharing the "before" and "after" pics with you. Currently the bathroom has lots of potential - subway tile, an antique piece for a vanity, and a cute shower curtain I bought from Anthropologie when we moved in 8 months ago. In it's current state, the bathroom is not being all that it can be. I plan to use a bit of paint to change all that.

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  1. JILL!

    Welcome to the club! So nice to meet you and girl, you start off with a bang, don't you? Darcy did a fantastic job making your blog look great!

    Oh and I adore Layla as well--I have an entire post about her due to come out soon!


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