For the love of ......brown transferware

I have collected brown transferware for years. It is one of my home's signature items. In the many homes our family has lived in, my brown transferware collection has been displayed on plate racks, in glass cupboards, hung on walls and individual pieces used on tables etc... Since we moved into our current home almost a year ago, my transferware has been hidden in a cupboard in my dining room - I just had not found the right spot/use for it. Until this week.....

I purchased this old mirror a couple weeks ago at a favorite vintage shop. And finally this week, I hung some of my brown transferware platters and plates over the mirror. The rest of the collection resides in the glass front cabinet below the mirror - mixed in with various pieces of ironstone.

In the spirit of the Nester's post about bringing spring into your home - I also used a piece of transferware in the old metal tray I am using in the middle of my dining room table. This great old metal tray along with its "spring-scape" provides some much needed spring-spirit. In Minnesota, inside is the only place you will find any sign of spring - there is still snow on the ground outside!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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15 comments on "For the love of ......brown transferware"
  1. The plates and the mirror look beautiful! And I love your spring touches. Our snow is still melting but I have spring in my home as well. At least we can be in the spirit if the weather doesn't cooperate. :)

  2. Love the mirror- guess I best get hopping to put some spring out in my home.

  3. The plates over the vintage mirror...lovely!

  4. you pulled together a beautiful look. hope Spring shows up soon! we're finally getting some signs of it here in PA

  5. Very pretty! The mirror is gorgeous and the plates are just the perfect compliment.

    (visiting from Inspired room)

  6. I love this post - finding a new home for your brown tranferware. I have a small flow blue collection, and I had a beautiful arrangement on the wall of my dining room. When I got the dining room repainted, I happened to find a great deal on a Louis Philippe mirror, so I put that in the dining room and kept my flow blue on the shelf. I have been trying to think of a good place for it, and I finally decided to put it in my kitchen. I can't wait for my husband to hang it! He is great at very precise hanging.

  7. I love your plates, and they look so great above the mirror.

  8. Love how you brought spring indoors!

    Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  9. It all looks so lovely! I've never had any brown transferware, but this makes me want to buy some. Thanks for joining my blog party today! :-)

  10. There's still no spring on the ground in New Jersey either! But I love seeing your beautiful brown transferware; my mother has an old water pitcher in a brown aesthetic-style transferware. It's beautiful... but nothing like your lovely collection!

    Gorgeous...and the touches of green are most welcome!

  11. I too love brown transferware but see it so rarely. You have a lovely collection and I love the mirror!

  12. Oh...I love your pictures and all your fun stuff.
    sandy toe

  13. Love the chandelier Jill! :) I recently purchased a similar old mirror...trying to find the right spot for it! Happy weekend! :)

  14. I love your brown dishes. They add so much warmth to your decor!
    I never thought that I would like brown, but now I have learned to love it!

  15. I've always wanted some of those brown dishes!!! I still keep my eyes out for them!


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