I'm Going to Farm Chicks, ya'll!

I am so excited! My last trip to the Farm Chicks Antiques Show was about 3 years ago. I really never thought it would be possible to go again now that I don't live in the Pacific Northwest. BUT, due to reasonable airfares and a generous husband, I am going to be there! I am really looking forward to spending time with my good junking friends and seeing some favorite northwest dealers like Barn House and the Queen of Tarte!

New friends are welcome! Anyone else care to be a Farm Chick for the weekend?

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4 comments on "I'm Going to Farm Chicks, ya'll!"
  1. HEE HAW! We are really looking forward to the show and are soooo glad you will be coming out! This could be trouble...too many fun people in one place. We better rest up!

    J & J

  2. Ohhhh I so hope I can come Jill! That would be so much fun! Allie

  3. Can't wait to see you again at Farm Chicks....I have some fab ideas in the works. See you soon! Cindy


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