Rested and Refreshed!

I'm back!

It is amazing just what seeing a palm tree can do for the spirit! I arrived home feeling rested and rejuvenated - despite the snow we woke up to the day after got home. We had a great trip and enjoyed some much needed fun in the sun.

While I was gone, I did not visit any of my favorite blogs (gasp). It has been so fun to see what you all have been up to the last week. Seems like so many of you plan on going to the Farm Chicks show in June! I will be there and am really looking forward to meeting some of my favorite bloggers!

Easter and spring are the subjects of lots of posts lately. Stay-tuned for a post later this week on how I have brought spring into my cottage, never-mind the not-so-springlike weather we have in Minnesota (deep breaths).

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1 comment on "Rested and Refreshed!"
  1. Glad you had such a relaxing break. I am going to the Farm Chicks show too. I am flying from CO and meeting up with friends from IL. It will be a great time!


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