A love affair.......with Anthropologie!

Yes, you read correctly. I am a huge fan from way back of Anthropologie.

This is my go to store...my happy place so to speak. I love the interior design of the store so much I would hire them to do my home! It is one of those stores that you could take me in blindfolded and I would immediately know where I am - the sound of the perfectly creeky floors, the scent of the burning candles, the music...they get it all right in my book.

Needing a break from my recently hectic life, I went to my happy place today. I fell in love with these pillows! I grabbed them, debated which one (or ones) to purchase....then I put them down and walked out of the store. Why? Because how much bird/nest themed decor does my home need? - Note to self, do a post on all the bird/nest themed decor in my house, call it "Hi, my name is Jill and I am a bird/nest decor addict".

And my favorite of the group....

I was proud of myself. However, I can't promise that these won't find their way into my home someday.....

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3 comments on "A love affair.......with Anthropologie!"
  1. those pillows are perfect.

  2. I've never been to this store. Haven't lived close enough. I've heard tell of it though. Sounds like a lovely place to shop.

  3. Jill, you and I are kindred "bird/nest" spirits. Can you really have enough?? I am going to Anthropology tomorrow...yeah! Allie


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