A girl who travels....want to come along?

I went to Napa Valley/Sonoma, California last week with the hubby.....

How cool is this "vintage suitcase sculpture" in the baggage claim area of the Sacramento airport?

I found it to be the perfect welcome for this vintage lovin' girl.

Besides "tasting" alot of wonderful wines and enjoying many yummy meals, I managed to convince the hubby to stop at a few home decor stores. After 19 years of marriage he knows better than to try to deny me this indulgence.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to seek out fun antiques and home decor stores when I travel to other places. It is amazing how the styles are so different depending on what part of the country you are in. I love west coast style, for its casual, laid-back yet sophisticated style.

I was so lucky to find a wonderful store called Sonoma Country Antiques. This store carries lots of European antiques and accessories as well as some reproductions.

When I walked in and saw all the beautiful painted cabinets, linen slipcovered furniture and euro chandeliers, it literally took my breath away.

I knew I had to take some pictures to share with all of you....cause isn't it more fun to shop with your besties?

And guess what?

I am leaving on another trip....

Now don't go thinkin' I am some sort of jet setter...

We are taking the kiddos to Florida for a lot of sun and fun...

Can't promise I will be bringing back pictures taken in beautiful home decor stores, unless they have some of those at Disney World!

And by the way, my generous friend Kasey is having a fantabulous giveaway at her blog, Lola B's....tell her I sent you!

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6 comments on "A girl who travels....want to come along?"
  1. Aaahh! You went to Sonoma Country Antiques?! So jealous. That place has been on my radar for a long time and I haven't made it there yet. Glad you had such a good time here on the west coast. Can't say I'm nearly as jealous of your next destination though... but I do hope you have fun!

  2. Jill, maybe it was just me and my crazy eye for the stuff...but when I went to Disneyworld a few months ago, I was shocked to see painted furniture EVERYWHERE. And I go to Disney a lot, so this is something new. All the store display windows seemed to have a piece, and the hotel we stayed at (Port Orleans Riverside) had it all over their gift shop. I was quite impressed! Nothing as good as Sonoma Country Antiques, but it was great to see Disney rockin' painted furniture in their own way. I half joked with my husband I was going to apply for a job painted it for them! hahaha! Have a fabulous time! ~mary~

  3. How lovely - west coast style certainly is comfortable, isn't it?
    Have a fabulous time in Florida - send some warmth my way please!
    Hope to see you soon,

  4. That is a great suitcase sculpture. I love the bird embroidered pillow!

  5. That pile of vintage suitcases is darling... in fact could that be a lost suitcase?

  6. Jill,
    I just found your email, I thought I scared you away.
    I LOVE your blog!! I live only an hour away from Sacramento!!!! The luggage sculptor is very unique!!!
    Sorry I missed you!
    Take Care,
    Have fun in Florida!


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