.....my loot.....

Many of you asked me to show you what I purchased at the Junk Bonanza this year and I am happy to oblige. However, I must attach a disclaimer.... I was a pathetic shopper. Most of my shopping took place while I was rushing around like a junker with my head cut-off!

The weather vane thing pictured above was my first purchase and something I had "been in the market for" for a long time. I loved it's grey/rusty/imperfect qualities. It was the first thing I purchased from vendor and friend Pam Curry.

Funny story - after Pam put the 'sold' sticker on it, she continued to have lots of people inquire about it. On the second day of the Bonanza Pam asked if I could take the weather vane out of her booth so she would not have to tell anymore shoppers that it had SOLD. Because I had parked quite a distance and needed to get to work, Pam suggested I put the weather vane in her white van that was parked in the dealer loading area. Sure! No problem! I took the weather vane out and put it in the back of the first white van I saw - which just so happened to have a very cool old sign in the back. On my way back to my post, I passed Pam and commented on how much I liked her sign....."What sign?" was her reply. OH NO! I had put the weather vane in the wrong white van {who knew so many dealers drove white vans}! I quickly ran back to the loading area only to find my weather vane had been driven away in the wrong white van!!! Well alls well that ends well...and after putting out the word that their was a missing weather vane, my prize was recovered by a very nice and honest Junk Bonanza vendor!

Yes, the weather vane is sitting inside my house, for now. I don't know where/if it will stay but for now, I am enjoying it right where it is - much to the amusement of my family!

I purchased this "Park Here" sign because......well, because I liked it. Later Heather Bullard told me she was going to buy it because her anniversary date is the 15th and she collects things with that number - I offered it to her because, after all, she is Heather Bullard and it was such a sweet reason to want the sign but she graciously refused....I still feel bad.

I very often see these pull carts at flea markets but this is a child's size version. What is it about child-sized anything that I seem drawn to???? Still trying to figure out what to display in it.

I love old maps of places that are meaningful to me. Both my girls were born in Oregon and it really is our favorite place that we have ever lived so this map had to be mine!

Remember my green-antiqued painted frame for my botanical print? I never really felt the green went along well with the two botanical that hung below it {found many, many years ago at now defunct mall store Bombay Co.}. I found a great vintage frame that really coordinates so much better!

This year, I seemed to buy lots and lots of jewelry - many, many necklaces with charms and rusty keys - right up my alley!

If you want to see what else I was up to at the Junk Bonanza, sweet Margo, the Flea Market Style magazine's blog writer was very generous with my "face time" on the FMS blog post! You can go check it out here!

16 comments on ".....my loot....."
  1. Jill, so glad you were able to retreive your windmill. Whew! Funny story, though. And I love the sign you found. I would have bought it in a heartbeat (I collect signs for my hubby's garage). And I love that it's black and white. So considering your shopping time, you done good!

  2. Hi Jill!
    I was just
    thinking today
    how quickly
    this week flew
    by. All of
    your treasures
    look great and
    it's a good
    thing I didn't
    see that OR-WA
    map first : ) !
    I'm going to pop
    over to FMS and
    see your pretty
    mug, now... Hope
    you got a chance
    to catch your breath
    this week!
    xx Suzanne

  3. oh my goodness that story is pretty funny, i think I would have been a little worried that white van went all the way home with my wind mill!! good thing you got it back...love the sign too...and i just had to let you know there is a bakery in my mom's town called "sweet Jill's" i think that is what i will call you from now on! happy weekend~ Tara

  4. the weather vane is super charming!
    i've been on a definate jewelry binge myself

  5. i love the weather vane and the parking sign is awesome. great finds. i need to photograph what i bought. love it all!!

  6. Great finds! I love a great junk market. I was at the Big Extravaganza in Springfield OH that weekend and there are lots of great treasures to be had there too.

  7. Beautiful treasures!!! I really love that sign.

  8. OK, Is that windmill about 18" high? I got the SAME one at a barn sale!!! Glad you had a blast!

  9. Ooh, I love that windmill~ Pam finds the best goodies! How fun to see one of our maps going to your home!!

  10. What great finds! I love your weathervane story...boy I bet that was a shocker huh? That market cart sure is cute, maybe you could put some rolled up maps in it.

    Best wishes :)

  11. Jill, love all your finds, that sign is to die for. Love your story about the windmill, so scary but happy it all ended well.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Margo aka Robolady

  12. Love your Junk Bonanza story and the weather vane!

  13. LOL! Oh my gosh! That is SOOO something that I would'ave done with my frazzeled, doped-up-on-shopping-at-a-flea-market mind!!! LOL! Too funny, Jill! But glad that you got it back. Can hardly wait to see what you end up doing with all of your great treasures! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  14. I have one of those carts. I use to carry our pool gear. Love it. Oh and I just saw one of those windmill things on Modern Prairie Girl's site. Now I want one. You got some really good stuff!!!

  15. ....hahahaha....You're a DUFFER Jill....THANKS for making me smile with your windmill story....The cart is ADORABLE....I purchased one just like it for $15- at Warrenton to carry my 'loot' around in....I gave it back to the GORGEOUS couple from Nebraska that I bought it from as I was leaving....They said they'd keep it & bring it back for me next May when I'm hoping to return.... :o) !!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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