with eyes wide open ~

your days are your
life in miniature. as you
live your hours, so
you create your years.
as you live your days,
so you craft your life.
what you do today is
actually creating your
future. the words you
speak, the thoughts
you think, the food
you eat and the
actions you take are
defining your destiny
~shaping who you are
becoming and what
your life will stand
small choices lead
to giant consequences
over time. there's no
such thing as an
unimportant day.

I am not one to make many resolutions this time of year. However, after the year our family has endured along with some exciting opportunities and changes that are coming for us in 2011{more on that coming soon!}, I really feel like the time is NOW to live with more purpose - with my eyes wider open than ever before. The words above have been tacked to my bulletin board for almost a year and honestly, I have not paid them any attention, much less lived them.  Sadly, this year was about survival.....

Happy New Year to all of you....we have just returned from Oregon and I will be back to blogging this week.  I have some exciting news to share about just what 2011 holds for me and my family, it will be quite a ride....want to come along on our journey? 
13 comments on "with eyes wide open ~"
  1. sounds exciting and I love that saying and what you wrote...Mel xx

  2. I'll get my coat :-) x x x
    Do I need snow shoes though ? I don't do snow :-) x x x

  3. Ahh...I miss Minneapolis. Have lived there twice for about 4 years each and my son was born there! Beautiful blog!

  4. Congrats on your new adventure Jill! Happy new year!

  5. ~*~*Happy New Year!!!~*~*Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  6. I call shot-gun Jill!! Bring on 2011! Talk to you soon girly!

  7. yay you!!
    looking forward to you sharing your new adventures!
    much blessings to you this year girlie xo

  8. Truer words
    never spoken.
    Yes, some years
    slip away from
    us in a blur as
    we just hang on,
    rather than savor.
    I want to savor
    all the little
    things this year,
    including our
    get-togethers, which
    are going to become
    more precious as
    the year unfolds : )
    Happy Monday, Jill!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Beautifully said Jill! Not only do i want to come along, I want to ride shotgun!

    I love that saying. I think I will save those words for myself.

  10. Happy New Year, Jill. You have inspired me today. Thanks you for that.

  11. Love the quote!

    Looking forward with great curiosity to what your family has in store...

    Happy New Year

  12. Happy Happy New Year!!
    I love quotes and so i'll have to use that quote:) It is a GREAT one! And so very true!!!!!!

  13. Now you will be able to attend events at Barn House in Battle Ground WA & the Queen of Tarte's events in Aurora, 0R!!! Unbelievable urban farmhouse boho chic events!


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