Stories from a soccer mom...

Many of you are moms like me.  Some of you are just beginning on this blessed journey,
knee deep in sippy cups, diapers, tantrums and all the sweet moments and challenges 
that come along with that.  Others are facing their babies leaving the nest......

Me?  Well I consider myself at the midway point of parenting children, cause I know
parenting never ever really ends{nor would I want it to}.  But my big girl is on the verge of becoming a {gasp} teenager and my little girl is maturing and showing more "big girl" traits with everyday.

Every stage of parenthood has its own challenges but also unending rewards.  

This weekend our family traveled to California with my big girl's soccer team.  Crazy, huh?

Well, big girl happens to be a pretty great soccer player - a goal keeper, actually and we
are allowing her to see where this talent takes her.  She was fortunate to
try-out and MAKE the state champion team {for her age group} shortly
after we arrived in Oregon.  This team is full wonderful girls who also happent to be
of incredibly gifted athletes and they
have performed well.

I had many "moments" this weekend, that is the only way I can describe the awe I felt
as I watched my daughter play soccer.  She is fearless in the goal, she works hard, is proud
to be a member of a team, mightily competitive and takes losing HARD.

I did not play sports, unless you count cheerleading.   And the 80's version I did would
definitely NOT count it as a sport.

So, to watch my first born do something that I never did, nor think I could have, left
me humbled, proud and in awe.  It is these unexpected moments of parenthood that are
not wasted on me, I don't take them for granted and I consider them the "icing on the cake"!

Please allow me a moment to brag a bit....below is a photo of my brave girl making an incredible
save on a corner kick.  I am in awe.

Being a soccer mom is one thing, being a "soccer sister" is another...let's just say
it takes alot of patience.  Thankfully, my little girl is a trooper and endures EVERY
soccer game without a single complaint.  She deserved a Disney day!  We
were lucky to able to spend the day after the tournament ended at Disneyland!

My little girl operates on the same speed I do....slow and steady, so she and I hung
out for most of our Disney day while hubby and big girl went straight to the rollercoasters 
and rides.

Like I said above, little girl is also growing up and mostly felt "too old" to meet
the Disney characters.  But Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell are favorites so an 
exception was made!

Yea for summer!  Yea for soccer tournaments!  For bringing special
moments in the parenting journey.

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  1. I have never commented before but have to say that I am from Minneapolis and also was a soccer mom! I loved going to the flea markets and antique stores while traveling with her soccer team. They traveled all over the country and their team was ranked #2 in the country as 15-18 year olds. It served us well as our daughter rec'd a soccer scholarship to a top 5 soccer university out East. Later she played semi-pro. She is now 26 years old and back in Minneapolis and getting engaged! Enjoy the ride...it was so fun and she has made many life-long friends and had great experiences. Maybe a scholarship is in your daughter's future!

  2. Uh... wow! The state team? That's really cool and you should be a proud momma. My son is also keeper for a competitive team (he's 10) and there is nothing like watching your kid make an incredible save - like that one in the photo!

  3. i can tell that you are proud. it's pretty surreal being a mom sometimes isn't it? that pic of her was awesome. you go girl. disney looked like fun. nice to see a pic of you. made me miss ya more:)

  4. Anonymous - would love to hear more! Did your daughter play for Minnesota Thunder? Bangu? Those are the two clubs my daughter played for in MN! Good to hear from you!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all!!

  6. My daughter played for Tsunami Sota (the original team). They didn't belong to a club but were formed from their ODP team. Due to the success of their team, other teams adapted our name and formed their teams under a club (I can't remember if it was MN Thunder or Bagu). Any other questions, please feel free to email me @ NRedberg@hotmail.com. Your daughter should do well playing in Portland - such a soccer hotbed!


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