Ya just never know....

I'm a pretty predictable kind of gal.....
When doing my decorating thang, I tend to stick with my old
trusted sources.....which can be such a snooze!

But with our move and my mojo all back in business
cause I'm livin' where I want to and doin' what I want to do, with the
ones I want to do it with {don't go there!}.....
I am feeling my style shifting a bit.

I am drawn to more contemporary rooms, the ones with clean lines,
and statement pieces rather than LOTS of pieces. The rooms that seem to mix the vintage
stuff I  will always love with some contemporary "furniture friends" for that perfectly imperfect boho, Domino "look". 

I recently received a West Elm catalog in the mail and was inspired.  These first three
photos are items from West Elm....of course I am loving the ruffles on the quilt!  Oh, and 
the industrial stool is super cool!  The basket pendant would add just the right
amount of texture above a sleek kitchen island.

Hello West Elm....you have a new customer!

Then while hoppin' around in blogland I was introduced to Urban Outfitters online 
furniture and decorative accessories....WOW!

Love this little shelf in a bathroom to hold all those necessary lotions and potions.

Or how about this industrial shelf for towels in the bath? Or books in a bedroom? Or with
baskets to hold toys in a little boys room?  The possibilities are endless.

This chair is gorgeous!  I love the graphic ikat!  It's small
proportions makes it a flexible occasional chair for oh so many places!

So, the moral of this story is, you just never know where inspiration
will strike.  And what once,"didn't float your boat", so to speak, 
might now shift your decorating mojo in high gear!

8 comments on "Ya just never know...."
  1. lol! Are we just fickle creatures, Jill! lol! I can't tell you how many times I've changed the style and feel of the different homes I've lived in. Everything from country primitive to beach house! Love the mix of textures and colors you're leaning toward, though! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Those are two of my favs as well.Love all your picks~Cheers Kim

  3. Love that shelf and the industrial shelf for towels or whatnot is amazing!!
    All of the items you featured are awesome!
    I am inspired for sure

  4. fun things!
    i need to check them out too! :)

  5. I love Urban Outfitters!!!!! So many fun things to pick from:)
    ~Happy decorating!!

  6. Sweet finds.
    I know you'll
    weave it all
    together beautifully.
    xx Suzanne

  7. have to say i love that stool! oh and that wicker type light is cool. they have one similar at ikea. it's a fun style. sometimes you do just need to change it up a bit.

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