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It's often been said that blogging brings special people into your life that you
might not have otherwise met or crossed paths with.  This fact
is certainly true for me and is probably the number one
reason that I continue to blog.  

A few years ago, Ki Nassauer asked me to style a tablescape
at the Junk Bonanaza Antiques Show with items purchased
exclusively from a Minneapolis thrift store.  The project
was one of the first 'gigs' I did after I began writing this blog and I was
lucky enough to go on and do other things for Ki, Junk Bonanza
and Flea Market Style magazine.  

Styling that tablescape meant I spent alot of time at the Junk 
Bonanza that year.  I met LOTS of great people.  One of the most 
memorable people I met that year was Kim Yeager, who 
at that time was the Home & Garden editor for the 
Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.  I remember
feeling like I was meeting a 'celebrity', as I recognized her byline on
the home and garden features I enjoyed in my local paper!

You can't meet Kim and not describe her as "memorable".  She
has a mass of beautiful curly hair, often done up in a clip on top
of her head.  Kim talks with a familiar Minnesota accent, having lived in
the upper midwest her whole life and is just about the most outgoing,
energetic and friendly human being you will ever meet.
I liked loved her right way.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to get to know Kim
a bit more before I left Minnesota, we had coffee dates and worked
together on some Junk Bonanza 'stuff'.  Kim is immensely
talented and creative, her writing is impeccable and she
loves all things to do with pretty fabric and vintage-wares.

Kim has since left the newspaper business and moved on to bigger
and better things.....she is writing the Flea Market Style blog, doing press
and publicity for Junk Bonanza and helping homeowners style and decorate
their homes.

Kim recently created a website and began a blog to chronicle her adventures.
I encourage you to go check out Lark Nest Design and
get a glimpse into the crazy, beautiful, creative world of my friend
Kim Yeager!

3 comments on "Lark Nest Design"
  1. Thanks for the link to Lark Design...beautiful work for sure!!

  2. I recently met Kim also...at at Style Minneapolis tag sale. She is amazing and I'm also a fan of hers!

  3. I'm a fan of Kim as well, and I agree she is totally one of those memorable people. Her beautiful hair, smile and personality ooooooze when you meet her.
    She is a true talent...


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