I love Instagram! And have begun using it more....
Just for kicks, I thought I would share with you some Instagram
photos from the last week......consider this a peak into the life of 
a mom, surviving summer with busy kids, getting a root canal,
trying to work a bit AND 
have some fun. 

What will become obvious as you look at this week's photos is that I am NOT a crazy
pier jumping gal and I only rarely take photos of myself - so if you still
want to follow me on Instagram, you can!  My user name
is jillhinson.....I promise more of these type of titillating photos that
will have you envying my fabulous life!

My big girl came home from a soccer tournament and INSISTED that her hair had 
horrible split ends and must be cut "this very minute".  Knowing that she would
want all of an inch cut off her golden locks, I made her an appointment for a $14 haircut
at the Aveda Institute training salon in downtown Portland.  While the big girl had her 
locks trimmed, me and the little girl went to one of my favorite import 
shops called Cargo, which is just around the corner from the training salon.....
see, I'm always thinking!  I love the photo of my little trying on party hats!  Oh and that 
Santos pictured above......LOVE!  Many find Santos creepy...I happen to love them.

 Because I am nice, and despite having a summer list that tells us
we need to have ice cream.....we went to our favorite ice cream place 
after the haircut (yes, she already has her hair pulled back - 5 minutes after the haircut!).

Often, Instagram is useful......I am working with a design client
who needs a large plant......I happened to be at Lowes and saw they had 
these for a good price....so I took a photo for Maria.

While the big girl and the hubby were in Cali for soccer, I spent some
quality time with the little at the nail salon.....

Had this custom table made for the same plant-needing design client......LOVE!

Broke my rule - took a photo of my 'lunch' after a morning root canal - blech!!!
Yes, I am completely guilty of fishing for sympathy!

Evening scooter rides with a sweatshirt on over our cute sun dress....while
most of you are experiencing sweltering heat, the Pacific Northwest remains
cool........and I like it that way, heat is SO overrated!

I spent a fabulous morning yesterday at the Farmer's Market with a girlfriend.....
the photo above is cauliflower!  Isn't it beautiful?

The peony vendor said this was the last of the peonies for this year....
so I bought BUNCHES!  

That's it folks.....my so called 'average' life.....perfect for ME!

4 comments on "Instagramming...."
  1. great photos Jill! LOVE all the peonies! xo

  2. i've been watching your weather. can't believe you haven't gotten warm yet. so weird when everyone else is squelching. looks like you ended up right where you belong:) btw love that table you had made. your client person will drool!

  3. I've enjoyed following
    along with you on Instagram!
    LOVE that table, too!

    xo Suzanne

  4. Your weather sounds WONDERFUL!! I would love to live in the PNW, but alas all of my family is in the south, so the south is where we'll remain. I guess it's true what they say "Southern born, southern bred, southern pride 'til I'm dead". Ok they don't really say that, I just made it up, but I like to rhyme, lol. Thanks for sharing.


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