On blogging and decorating.....

Obviously, it has been difficult getting back to a normal blogging
routine this week.  No excuses, but I have had a sick girly home,
visiting parents, the need to clean a dirty house, do some
laundry etc.....{just living the dream!}.  

My blog is "under construction" - a blog designer
is working on something new and fabulous for me.  It
was time!  As much as I loved the pink-cruiser logo, it really
did not relate to the direction my life or this blog is headed.
The new design will be cleaner, more contemporary and more
focused on interior design and decorating.  I hope you
will hang in there with me while we wait for the new
design to go live.

And speaking of blogging.  My friend Melaine from 
My Sweet Savannah, experienced major blog
problems last week and has had to begin blogging at a 
new URL.  Please go check out her 'new' site and 
give her some love.  She is a super-blogger and missed
having your daily visits!  Make sure to 'follow' her new site.

I took theses photos yesterday after I had somewhat put
my living room/office back together after having taken
the tree down over a week ago.  I added the Betwixt pillow
in black just before Christmas to the lumbar on the sofa.
My desk accessories include some of my vintage eye-glass collection -
I have a thing for cat-eye glasses {who knew} and a slinky.
What does this have to do with anything?
Feeling the need to post a pretty photo and tell
you a little something about me.....on Wednesday......

So how about you?  Are you back in the swing of things?
11 comments on "On blogging and decorating....."
  1. Everything looks beautiful Jill. No, my heouse is stil in out of sorts... I did successfully get Christmas decor down and boxed up but sitting stacked up waiting to go to th attic....blah! Excited to see your new blog design...Blessings and stop on by and follow along with me...

  2. Love your coffee table and the filled basket on top is perfect!

  3. Like you, I had
    minimal Christmas
    up, so it was easy
    to take down. And
    good thing, as I've
    been down with flu
    the last week. Ugh.
    Hope your sweet one
    is feeling better, soon.
    Look forward to your
    new design. It's on
    my must-do for 2013,
    as well!

    Happy Wednesday,
    xo Suzanne

  4. I have many empty spaces since taking down the Christmas decorations. Seeing your pretty photos are helping me get back in the swing of things.

  5. Well, things are starting to perk..but slowly! Ha!!
    Love that lumbar pillow

  6. Redesigning your blog is great! The waiting part is no fun, but when you see the finished product it will be thrilling! I am experiencing ongoing blog updates and changes myself!

  7. My house is in a state of flux too. I always take on too many organizing and updating projects in the new year and might get in a little over my head. ;)

  8. It is hard to get into the swing of things, isn't it? i love the sofa in your living room - looks so pretty.

  9. Normally in January I am tearing through the cottage and organizing. Just not feeling it this year....btw I love cat glasses too!

  10. can't wait for the new blog layout=)

  11. Congratulations! They look amazing.. Congratulations on the beginning of this new venture!What inspiration- thanks for sharing,Really nice work.Mr. Builder – Painting and Decorating is a family operated services business. We have been offering clients with top quality renovation services for over ten years. Painter And Decorator London


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