Do you have an Ellen connection? Can ya help get this family to Sochi?

Ok, some facts about yours truly:

* I was born in Wisconsin
* I am half Swedish, half Norwegian
{with some other stuff thrown in for good measure}
{and yes, I know that makes me more than 100% a person}

* Curling is a legit sport among my 'people'
* Some of my 'people' may even be
Olympic curling athletes -
true story.

Actually, my cousin's sister-in-law has been a member
of the USA Women's Curling team the last three
Olympics.  AND, she just qualified
to go to Sochi and represent the United
States in her FOURTH Olympics!
{Michael Phelps has nothing on US Women's
Curler Debbie McCormick!}

My cousin is a school teacher and her husband has
his own lawn care business.  They would love to be able
to go to Sochi and cheer on Aunt Deb! However, flying to
Russia and staying there for two weeks for a family of
four is quite expensive. Soooo......they are
getting creative and humbly asking for help.

My cousin
has some cute kids and they made a video
trying to get the attention
of Ellen DeGeneres, cause she nice, and funny,
and generous, and nice, and funny, did I mention funny?
(did I mention generous?)

Well here is the cute video.........

So readers, if any of you happen to know Ellen, or Portia, or 
their gardner, housekeeper, chef, mailman etc....could you
pass this cute video on?  This family would love her help!
And wouldn't Carter make the cutest correspondent?

And this is Aunt Debbie, doing what she does best.

And just because I am Scandinavian, don't think, for one
second I know a thing about

And finally, dear readers, if you are so inclined and would
like to donate to get this sweet family to Sochi,
they have set up a site to accept donations.......

Here is the link! Just click on the image below:

I realize this is the time year we are all asked to
contribute to worthy causes, if you find it in your
heart to help this wonderful family fulfill a dream,
please accept my sincerest gratitude!

Go Team USA!!!!!
2 comments on "Do you have an Ellen connection? Can ya help get this family to Sochi?"
  1. Darling video and I hope
    that Ellen will get to see it!
    And more importantly, that
    Aunt Deb will have her cheering
    squad in the stands at Sochi.

    Go USA Curlers! {Uff Da!}

    xo Suzanne

  2. You are the best! Thank you for sharing the story on your blog and getting their story out there. Sophia Grace and Rosie have nothing on Carter and he would do a great job as a correpondent from Sochi. Love ya - Aunt George


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