Houston, we have a problem!

So apparently, it's not a good thing to give your MacBook a splash of red wine.  

My Mac seemed to recover well from its wild night but alas, began not working up to her formally reliable ways. As of yesterday, I went and bought myself a very nice Christmas gift - a new MacBook Air. Believe me, the timing of the purchase was not ideal but given the fact that I am a blogger and my design biz relies heavily on the use of a computer, it was necessary.  It was a lesson learned the hard way.

Obviously, my blogging has been zero, but I am participating in a fun House Tour next week so stay tuned!  I get my new computer tomorrow - thankfully my hard drive was not damaged so Apple is migrating my data as we speak!

Hope all is well with you. 
1 comment on "Houston, we have a problem!"
  1. The best chance for doing the least damage is flipping that puppy upside down immediately. This advice from my son whose quick thinking save my DIL's Mac from a similar fate recently. :)

    Good luck with your new Macbook Air. I'm looking forward to your getting back to blogging.


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