December 1st.......

 I am writing this post on Sunday night - having just 
returned from our Thanksgiving holiday in central Oregon.

On the drive home, I tried to temper the panic I might have
felt when I checked my Instagram feed and saw
many images from other blogger's homes -
fully decked in holiday glory.  Mantels were
coifed and fluffed, trees freshly lit and even treats
were baking!  Girls, you give me fits!
 Sure, I may have had a natural tree strapped to the top of our SUV, 
but that is it folks. That's all I got - well, that and 6 loads of
dirty laundry.

I am confident however, that my house will be ready when
December 25th comes, it always is......But for tonight, I choose
to enjoy these images from our Thanksgiving weekend -
when sister's enjoyed each other's company,
nieces got to spend precious time with and aunt and uncle,
we played a mean game of family Pictionary, some of us learned
to knit, a hard working high school freshman got
some needed rest, doggies got extra snuggles, we walked
through a peaceful forest to select two Christmas trees, 
enjoyed central Oregon's sunshine and mountain views,
ate Thanksgiving dinner around Mimi and Bubba's table
followed by a wonderful Thai dinner OUT the following night, 
went to a Christmas parade and attempted a family Christmas card photo.

No stress tonight.....first, laundry.
9 comments on "December 1st......."
  1. It sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving! Relax, the decorating will all get done!

  2. If it makes you feel better, Jill, we don't even have a tree yet! I need at least a week between Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas. So glad you had a nice visit! Hugs!

    1. Hey Lisa -
      I'm with you! I like a little break between my holidays! Unfortunately the calendar this year is not cooperating!

  3. Love, love, love, this post . . . and you!

  4. i feel panicked too. laundry, groceries etc... all waiting for my attention. and we haven't even taken our Christmas card pic yet. that's really stressing me out. not a fan of feeling behind and i'm trying hard to not let anything bug me...but it does:/

  5. It almost felt like Spring in Central Oregon over Thanksgiving, so tree or no tree, it hardly felt like Christmas! We got our Christmas card pic while hiking around (not OVER) Smith Rock and soaking in the sunshine, but like you, not much other holiday prep happening (YET).

  6. LOVE These pictures! Miss you all and sure wish I was there to celebrate with you!

  7. Late checking out the blog. LOVE the pictures and it makes me so wish Central Oregon wasn't so far away. I would have loved knitting with the girls, and listening to the guitar playing, getting a tree, sitting in the sun with one of the dogs......you get the picture. Love ya! Aunt G


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