A room fit for a tween!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with a pretty cute, sassy, Lego & Barbie playing,
volleyball spiking and giraffe loving client…..my very own tween daughter!

She and I enjoyed a rare weekend at home with just the two of us -
Moms, isn't it such a treat to spend one-on-one time with your children?
Really a gift.

I had promised we would work on some styling in her room -
we painted it over the summer and had added the fun rug
but that was about it.  The walls were basically bare except her
bulletin board {where momma allows her to pin whatever she wants!}.

We had begun to collect some prints that were meaningful to her.  On Saturday 
we headed to Ikea to get some frames and look for some Lego
storage options….on ONGOING issue for my girl!
{which is a problem I am not going to complain about - 
I love that my daughter who turns 12 next month still plays with Legos}.

I love that I have these photos to look at, because on most

And I have this to say about kids rooms……..
Enjoy the time when your children are small and you can decorate
their spaces however YOU like, but when they reach a certain age
help them create a space that has their own stamp on it even 
if is not what YOU would totally choose to do.  That's not to 
say there isn't a give and take.  For example, I really do not like
posters tacked on walls so I compromise by hanging a VERY
large bulletin board in my girls' rooms and allow them to tack up
anything they want on the bulletin board.  So when last year they couldn't
get enough of Justin Beiber and this year they love Louie from 
One Direction, the respective posters can be easily swamped out.

And that's all I have to say about that.

18 comments on "A room fit for a tween!"
  1. Such a cute space, and I totally agree about giving them some control with their own rooms. I'm also very happy that JB is on the way out this year (hopefully!). I've had enough of him.

    1. Boy that JB is in self destruction mode, huh? His momma needs to ground him or something? We are on to One Direction around here now! Hopefully they stay on the straight and narrow.

  2. It's adorable! That's the beauty of having 2 boys, they could care less what their rooms (and clothes) look like, so you get to do it all yourself :-) And yes, I looooove spending time with one of my boys at a time, it's very rare, and very special.

    1. I just did a consult with a new client and her FOUR children who are moving into a new house. Her 8 year old boys definitely had opinions about what colors they wanted in their rooms {which made their momma cringe!}. I would say there is definitely some compromising going on! But perhaps girls definitely have more opinions than boys.

    2. Oh no, is that what I have to look forward to in a few years??! Ha ha!!

  3. Love the Be You (tiful) art. Source?

    1. We found that at a flea market we went to last week and sadly, I did not take a card from the seller. Sorry! Always search Etsy for something similar.

  4. Here's to one on one time with our children! The room looks adorable!

  5. Adorable space!! Love that you two worked on it together!! Following in her mama's foot steps!!

  6. My daughter and I both love the room - it looks very much like my daughter's room without the cute styling. One similarity that I noticed is the cap on the IKEA light fixture - we have the same light and that darn white cap won't stay up. I see you have the same issue - clearly some design flaw but I do love that light...

    You have a lovely home!

  7. Love that your daughter
    isn't trying to grow up too
    fast and is still savoring the
    joys of childhood : ) Reminds
    me of my own girl, off now
    at college doing her own thing
    and her own decorating!

    I'd love it if you'd do a tutorial
    sometime on the oversize
    bulletin boards that you created.
    I remember that you used something
    like creosote (?) from HD.

    Happy Thursday,
    xo Suzanne

  8. This room is bright, cheery and fun. What a great job! I have a tween myself and we're working on her room right now. It is more of a collaboration for sure at this age. Can I ask where you got your duvet cover? It's beautiful!

  9. Could you tell me the wall color please? We have been searching for the perfect color for my daughter's room. She is convinced this is it! Thank you!

  10. corrierinaldi@verizon.netJuly 21, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    Wall color please! Perfect for my tween to be as our summer project is her room :-)

  11. Was wondering what paint color you used. It looks amazing in her room!!


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