Catching up…….

 I don't know where last week went but I apologize for my absence around
here…..life, it's a busy one and while I love blogging and coming here
to meet all of you, it's the place that often takes a backseat to other
more important things.  It's that season of life for our family - the good stuff,
lacrosse tryouts, busy careers, math finals, soccer practices, 
traveling spouses, grandparents visiting…..
you get it, cause it's all going on in your homes too.

Thought I would share some photos from around our home….it's spring
so I have fluffed here and there.  I have also been doing lots of shopping
for clients and it becomes sort of  a "two for you, one for me" event -
definitely a danger of the job!

I finally jumped on the sign bandwagon and ordered this one
from the House of Belonging on Etsy!  It's a quote that I wanted
my girls to be able to see often as it sure makes sense!
Plus, it dresses up my hallway nicely, if I may say
so myself!

So what's new with all of you?  Are you feeling spring is in the
air?  I have crocus blooming in my yard but the PNW lived up
to it's soggy reputation this weekend and we got to enjoy it by
huddling under our umbrellas on the sidelines of a few soccer
fields! I still call that the 'good stuff'.

8 comments on "Catching up……."
  1. It all looks so good Jill! You and I share the same season :).

  2. I would love to be able to read your "quote sign" or the quote itself. Can you share it with me. What I can read sounds amazing and would love to share it with my son. Thanks!
    Best regards,

  3. The good stuff, for sure!

    I have a sign from Tiff's
    shop, too--love it! Looks
    like you've posted some
    great advice for your girls,
    although I'm sure they are
    learning all those things from
    watching their amazing momma!

    xo Suzanne

  4. A lot of my bulbs are blooming now too. I wa so happy to see my little muscari popping up as well as crocus and a few daffodils!!


  5. Lovely sign! Will have to check out their site. My daffodils are coming out, so pretty!

  6. Where did you get your coffee table from??? I've been looking for one just like it and haven't found exactly what I want.

    1. Hi Heather -
      It's from Ballard Designs! I got it about 3 years ago but I think they still have it!

    2. Thanks for your response but unfortunately I think their quality has slacked off since then. I ordered it a couple months ago but the wood table top had a computer generated wood grain pattern on it. It was returned. So sad :(


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