Home Design….it's a process….{here's an example}.

It has been just over a year since I went for it and established my home decor biz.
I feel extraordinary fortunate to be able to pursue my creative passion, have the 
trust of clients and work for myself on my own terms.

I have learned so much during the last year.  With each and every project
I finish, I am a better designer than when I started.

However, what I knew in my gut when I started was this:

Creating a well designed/collected home is a process
that doesn't happen overnight…...

Let me explain…..

I created the design board above after meeting with a local client
mid-renovation……This young family had moved into their 
"forever home" and promptly began a significant renovation.

The first meeting took place with a house full of construction workers.
And decisions on paint and finishes were expected, like yesterday!
My client, a young mom of FOUR children under the age
of 7,  felt overwhelmed with the choices, living without a kitchen, 
construction dust, noise and constantly having 
workers in her home.  She was at the point of just wanting
it done and to enjoy her pretty home…..

Well, she's there…..almost.  Because design is a process, 
lots of the elements from the design board have been accomplished,
but some still need to be installed.  Choices, like coordinating
fabrics were changed - the client has great taste and together
we chose more neutral pillow fabrics.  Budget and time have
delayed drapes and getting the area rug cut and bound.
It's a process.

Creating a design plan is always the best way to begin creating
a beautiful space.  But that doesn't always mean that the original plan
is followed verbatim.  As you begin placing items in the room,
sometimes original choices are changed…..for a multitude of reasons.
I really feel like being flexible and allowing the room to evolve
yields the best result.  I love the process of debating choices
and weighing alternatives with clients.  

It was completely the clients idea to put TWO World Market 
coffee table together!  It is a pleasure to work with creative clients
who think outside the box. Many people would
not be on board with this idea {which is fine} but it works!  

It's now been almost 8 months since our first meeting…..and it is such
a pleasure to visit this client and see how the spaces are 
evolving……with my guidance and the client's own creative talents….
it's a beautiful thing.

The photo above is the client's kitchen….at our first meeting the most
pressing decision was paint choices for the cabinets.
I think my recommendation of BM White Dove for the perimeter
cabinets and SW Urbane Bronze for the island look fabulous!
{and that's my cute client putting away dishes!}

Along with choosing sofas, pillows, paint colors, etc... for clients, 
MUCH of my work with clients centers around providing assurance…..
that the results will be beautiful, that design is a process, to be patient, 
you will get there…taking the time is worth the result.
This project is the perfect example.

Later in the week, I will show you how the client's 
living room is 'evolving'….with my help!

{because I know you will ask….paint on the walls is BM Revere Pewter}

12 comments on "Home Design….it's a process….{here's an example}."
  1. You are so right about the process Jill! I started on a project a year and a half ago that has evolved into something much bigger than originally planned. It has definitely been a process. Love your paint choices - winning combo every time :).

  2. Simply beautiful! So soothing to the eye. I love trying to take in all the details.

  3. Your client's home is evolving beautifully! I enjoyed this post, as I'm currently working with a client who just wants things done. I laugh because I've been in my house for 7 years, and it's still not "done."

  4. What material is on the countertops? I love everything!

  5. beautiful interior furnishing and interior designing!

  6. Your home is gorgeous! I love everything about it. It's my kind of style. love it, love it, love it.

  7. What is the name of the wood flooring your using?

  8. What is the flooring product used in the client's kitchen?

  9. What are the floors? Material and color?...perfect

  10. What is the flooring in the kitchen? Product and color?

  11. What are the floors? Material and color?...perfect


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