Tuesday night ramblings…..

It's taken me THREE years to be brave enough to post another
country video - remember way back 2011 when I posted
THIS?????? Scandalous!

For those of you who don't know….I am a music fan -
my Pandora stations include classical, opera, gospel, contemporary
christian, 80's, contemporary, pop, country, show tunes, 
coffee house, French Cafe …….

I grew up in a house with
lots more music playing than a TV on…..
Something I appreciate - so thank you mom!
{although I could have had less Neil Diamond, more Fleetwood Mac}

I love this new release from Miranda Lambert - sort of speaks to me, 
my love of all things 'vintage', of simpler times……as a momma
to two teens/tweens I often find myself feeling quite 'old' these
days when I long for them to know simpler, innocent, more,
dare I say, dignified times.  

Here's to more Rand McNally, less Apple Maps!
Remember setting your tape recorder to record your
favorite Top 40 songs????

2 comments on "Tuesday night ramblings….."
  1. Jill,
    I'm with you 100%. I found myself missing the days of a television guide that shows the programs in my time zone, when pretty much everyone received the same channels. I know, I better not sign this comment, people will shake their heads in that dismissive way that says, "poor old lady!" :-)

  2. Two thumbs up for Fleetwood Mac!


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