I promise…….

Hello lovelies….

Here I sit, on November 2nd, and dang if it 
isn't SO dark out at 6:30 pm…..I sorta like it
and I sorta don't……I feel indifferent.

November is a one of my favorite months.

Thanksgiving is really one of my top
two favorite holidays….I vacilate between
Easter and Thanksgiving. Both holidays are
pretty low stress and who doesn't like turkey
and/or ham…..and pie!

I personally am NOT a fan of the rush 
to Christmas…..so I am making a promise
to all of you……. You will not see a single
post relating to Christmas until AFTER
we have all filled up on turkey, stuffing and 
pumpkin pie AND enjoyed the company
of our friends and family.
Counting our blessings…..let's do THAT first, ok?


The winner of the LoveFeast Shop giveaway is
Shannon from Upon a Dream blog.

13 comments on "I promise……."
  1. Love it! Let's take the time to be thankful. I'm thankful for your blog & the inspiration you share here! Thank you!!

  2. Yeah! I agree that we should enjoy and appreciate Thanksgiving before we move on to Christmas. Thank you for making the effort to focus on what's important about THIS season!

  3. so excited to win, thank you!! I will admit that I started listening to Christmas music yesterday but decorations do not come out until after Thanksgiving!!

  4. Ha ha!!! Then you definitely don't want to check out my Christmas decor!!!

  5. ....and this is yet another reason why I love you!!

  6. Wow-I thought I was the only person that feels that same way. What happened to enjoying Thanksgiving without a Christmas tree. The Christmas season is stressful enough. Let's enjoy one holiday at a time!
    Pat in Chicago

  7. LOVE this post...as a Canadian blogger we have already celebrated our Thanksgiving...but I am so with you that we tend to rush the seasons. You will see no Christmas posts from me either until December when I officially start decorating for Christmas. Here in Ontario the stores were carrying Christmas items in September and I get that they make their money that way, but it rushes the season and makes things less "special" and about the season - congrats on bucking the trend!!

  8. Thank you! I love Thanksgiving and hate to see it getting forgotten these days.
    xo jonni xo

  9. Jill...thank you so much.....I cringe that Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday....I love Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for not posting about Christmas until after.....You are my very, very favorite!!!!

  10. Couldn't agree more!!! Great post. Lets all give thanks.

  11. ha,ha,ha that is a funny someecard up above. I'm with you 100%

  12. Thank you for this post and for remembering Thanksgiving! I agree!!!


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