A little Christmas in our Ho*Me*…...

I'm not going to chat your ear off about our holiday decor….

Here it is….I actually enjoyed doing less this year…..seems there is a
trend towards 'more life, less hassle' and I am a big fan of that mantra.

I couldn't resist these whimsical bottle brush trees from Anthropologie this year -
especially their fabulous colors….love.

I made the pom-pom wreath……I did.  I will attempt my version
of a 'tutorial' next week.  I'm not saying I would do it again.  I have
a wrist injury from the repetitive pom-pom making…..the jury is still
out whether it is worth it to just 'pop' for the cost of the Anthro version…..
I think I would if I had to do it all over, but that's me, the non-crafty,
impatient gal that I am.

Our tree was fresh cut by the hubs in the National Forest - it's irregular
and natural and I love it a lot.  My girls really like the process
of hiking in the forest to find the tree but would prefer a perfectly
coiffed and sheared Christmas tree farm tree….this year, momma won out.
We'll see what next year brings.

We have collected Christopher Radko ornaments since my parents lived
in Warsaw, Poland while my dad worked there in the early 90's.  The
Radko ornaments were manufactured in Poland and we were able to purchase
many for little money when we visited
 - my sweet husband carried many fragile ornaments
back to the U.S. in his carry-on backpack.  Thus, a collection was started and
over the years we have added others, including the tree topper.

I have also collected vintage glass ornament forever - always break a few each
year but love displaying them in my Polish dough bowl.

There you go!  I am not linking up with any Holiday house tours, I am not 
featured anywhere, I didn't have Balsam Hill send me a beautifully flocked tree….
but our home is decorated!  I have also enjoyed socializing with friends, making dinner
for my family, working with clients……nothing was harmed or neglected
in the process of decorating this house….
Merry Christmas!

14 comments on "A little Christmas in our Ho*Me*…..."
  1. Especially loved your last paragraph!!

  2. love it! I've seen those bottle brush trees around and I was wondering where they came from!!

    I also collect vintage ornaments. they make me happy! I love putting them up and wondering what trees and families houses they've graced in the past. <3

  3. I am with you....less is more. I have my yarn and hope to make a knock off anthro wreath during my Holiday from work....please tell me how to avoid a wrist injury!!!!! Your home is beautiful!

  4. Oh I am laughing at your last paragraph!!!! Especially the Balsam Hill part...too funny. :) Your natural tree is lovely, and your wreath is cuuuuute (like Rudolph says it in the holiday special when Clarice says he's cute.) The only thing decorated here is the kitchen...naked trees still out on the deck.

  5. Just beautiful. Your tree is a stunner!

  6. I think I like your pom pom wreath even better than Anthros more shaggy version!

  7. Really beautiful! I love your tree. it has a very homey, personal feel!

  8. Your home looks lovely Jill. Your pom pom wreath looks great. I'm not a crafty gal either and am impressed you stuck with it. Happy holidays!

  9. I love your last paragraph too! I have yet to post about my holiday decor....and no Balsam Hill for me either! I find that so boring, when everyone blogs about the same free product they got at the same time - yawn...

    Love those trees! And love the tree, I would prefer one like that as well, I grew up with scraggly natural trees as my parents are from Prague and that was the kind of tree they were used to having.


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