White Kitchen Love…...

I'm not even gonna state the obvious……{I've been m.i.a.}

My life and time have been full of the good stuff…..lots of 
challenging design projects with clients who want to love the 
spaces they live in, watching my oldest daughter get her driver's license {what?},
working personally on better nutrition and more exercise, enjoying
spring-like temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and in general
trying to keep on, keeping on….probably like all of you.

A friend who happens to be a designer and shop owner
{Wishbone Home & Design} asked me to take some
photos of her home last week.  A local publication
was looking for some shots for a story they are doing
on her business {btw, I don't claim great photography skilz,
but was happy to help}. My friend gave me permission to share the photos
here!  As you will see, her recent kitchen renovation is beautiful!

The countertops are white Quartz and the backsplash
is Carrera marble subway tiles.

The kitchen has lots of charming details like open shelving
and a butlers pantry nook.

This kitchen proves that white is NOT boring!
The mix of textures, wood, glass and lighting choices
make the space interesting!

What's your favorite element?

9 comments on "White Kitchen Love…..."
  1. Your friend's kitchen is beautiful! I'm starting on my kitchen remodel, so I love seeing inspiring spaces like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous kitchen! Everyyjing is beautiful! Especially love the subway tile.thanks for sharing.

  3. I NEEEEEEED to know where to find similar stools. I love them!!!!

  4. Beautiful kitchen! I love mixing white with touches of wood and baskets. That marble subway backsplash is gorgeous - one of many favorite touches in this space.

  5. Oh I love that one too! My favorite things are the open shelving (and especially how they were styled!) and that island with the chairs. In my next house (ha!) I want one like that. :)

  6. I'd like to see a little more. Love the counters and tile here the most. Wish she would let you interview her for your blog. Is all of the cabinetry new or do I see a mix of painted original with the new of the island? Am I seeing two sinks and dishwashers at opposite ends of the room? LOVE this!! Thank you. Marie

  7. It's a beautiful, inspiring space. I will NEVER tire of white kitchens. Timeless.


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