Pillow Sale!

Well happy summer to you all…..
Life this summer is considerably different in my home…
I attribute the change to the ages of my girls {13 and 16}and 
having a child who drives {what?????}…..I love it and hate
it all at the same time…...
Basically, they only need me to fill the pantry and fridge 
and give permission to
go here and there and everywhere.

So what have I been doing to distract me from my
uselessness?  Mainly, I have been working with awesome
clients, but also doing a fair amount of digging cleaning
out many spaces in my own home.  

My pillow stash really needs to be lessened so I thought 
it would be fun to pass along PAIRS of some
pretty custom pillows my fellow pillow lovers!

*price includes shipping

And I apologize in advance for the less than 
stellar photos -

Bengal Bazaar Lumbars {12x20}
$100/pair $80/pair

Birds {22x22}
$90/pair $70/pair

Upside-down Ikat {my workroom's mistake!!} {22x22}
*these are trimmed in black linen

Pretty Foundation Pillow 22x22
$150/pair $100/pair

**This pair is brand new and never used.  I had them made for a client
and then the direction of the design changed.  They are gorgeous cream 
with a light blue/gray design - so versatile!

**All these pillows were made custom.  I recommend
filling them with a 24x24 Ikea down fill for a fuller pillow.

** If you would like to purchase please send me an email at jillbeth@aol.com and I will send
you an invoice via Paypal.  Once you have paid the invoice I will mark
the pillow SOLD on this post.

Happy pillow shopping!

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