A Friend's Home

While in Portland I stayed with one of my very good girlfriends, Carrie. Carrie and I met while hugely pregnant with our first daughters (I have two now, thank you - Carrie has FOUR, count em, FOUR!). Anyway, Carrie has been a great partner in crime when it comes to antiquing, flea marketing and all things house-related (just ask our husbands!).

Carrie and her husband purchased their home about 5 years ago. The home had recently been renovated - beautiful new kitchen, modern baths, plenty of hardwood floors etc... What it lacked for the family of 6 was a big informal space (playroom now, hangout room later) and enough bathrooms for all those girls.

Like most women, Carrie wanted MORE. She saw the potential for an addition that would give them the added space they needed. As a bonus, Carrie was able to add some extras that put her personal "stamp" on the family's "forever" home.

From a distance, I was able to go through the renovation process with Carrie and was anxious to see the results. It seemed like every time I talked to her she was buying a new settee or cabinet for her home. On this trip I was able to see the new spaces with all those purchases incorporated. Lovely.

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  1. Oh. My. Word. Her house is gorgeous! I love her shabby restrained style. But the very best picture, IMHO, is the last one. I absolutely love everything about it, but especially that mirror and that green cabinet! Where did she find them??? I love everything about it. You two have fabulous taste {obviously}. Thanks so much for sharing!


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