renovating is messy.....

ok, i am going to level with ya - this post was drafted A WEEK AGO -
I am still learning how to load pictures and post on my new Mac and frankly, I
have just been too busy to post.  but don't you worry...i have plenty posts coming...
and so much to share with all of you.

Happy belated Easter to all of you!

Our family headed to central Oregon and visited my 
parents - a treat as I can't remember the last
time we spent Easter with extended family.

I have not posted family pictures much on this blog but
thought it appropriate to offer proof that we
have survived the BIG move intact and {relatively} happy.

This family picture was actually taken in Phoenix, Arizona while we were there
on spring break {mid move} on the occasion of me and my
husband's 20th wedding anniversary. yes, you got that right,
i was a child bride.

Today begins week two three of living in temporary housing, which
for us is a small two bedroom apartment with a kitchen that allows for just
one person to stand in and a washing machine that fits just four items
per wash cycle.  Not exactly ideal living conditions but
a lesson, nonetheless, on just how fortunate we are
to be looking forward to moving into a beautifully renovated

Speaking of which....

Our painters were busy at work all last week.  The kitchen cabinets and built-in's 
are all sporting a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore's "White Dove".  I know
there are a ton of blog posts on DIY kitchen cabinet painting but I really
think the best and most durable method is having the cabinets 
professionally sprayed.  I realize this is more costly and not
always in the budget.  For us, our kitchen had very nice {relatively new}
custom cabinetry that just happened to be natural maple.

We felt the cost would be too great for a less than professional job
on such quality cabinets.  I may have thought otherwise if the 
cabinets were of the stock variety or perhaps older.

For the main color walls - in the kitchen, great room and hallways, I chose 
Benjamin Moore "Halo", a beautiful subtle gray/white/blue.

For the master bedroom, I chose Benjamin Moore "Storm" - a dark
blue/slate/gray that looks oh-so crisp with white trim.

Of course, I am getting excited to actually move in and unpack all my
treasures!  However, there is still work to be done....this  last week we
are having a gas cooktop installed {my preference for cooking} and the new

carpet will be installed on the staircase and upstairs hallway and bedrooms.
All messy tasks!

Back soon - "pinky promise" as my friend Kasey would say!

5 comments on "renovating is messy....."
  1. Love your kitchen and the colors are fabulous!! Glad to see and hear you survived the move!!! Beautiful family pic!!

  2. your kitchen is gorgeous already! can't wait to see more!

  3. Love the sneak peek.
    It does sound like
    messy business, but
    I'm sure the end
    result will be wonderful!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Cute family pic!

  4. Please share the color of your GRAY island!!? Love this!


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