Good afternoon.....
I have been working hard since Friday, the day our moving truck showed up
at our new cottage with all 3, 403,567,499 boxes of our STUFF.

I always secretly wonder what these moving company workers think when
they pack up and move someone like me...
I am certain I am their favorite kind of customer, with my 500 pillows, vintage clock collection, 
ironstone collection, oodles of paintings and pictures, lots of chippy birdcages, architectural pieces that 
to regular folk have no real purpose in a home......I am most certain
they spend the unloading day thinking to themselves, "why does this lady have 
so much crap?".......

Oh well, boy has it been fun unwrapping all my "crap" treasures.  Sort of
like Christmas!  

The two pictures above are of our "great room" - basically kitchen/family room/dining room.  I 
am really happy how it is coming together.  I had all the furniture in our former
cottage - but much of it is being used differently in this home.  The European pine
cabinet between the sliding doors was used to store linens in our upstairs hallway
in our cottage.  It is a piece I love so I was happy that I could use it in our main living space.

The big multi-colored pillow on the couch is from Anthropologie and really inspired
the color palette.  Although I knew I wanted to feature my blue and white collections, this
pillow makes the blue and white look more fresh{in my opinion}.  The striped pillow
is from Pottery Barn.

Many of you asked - yes, the lantern hanging over the dining table is from
Ballard Design.  I love it!  It is big and scrumptious!

My camera is giving me fits so I just could not post more pictures as 
they were SO blurry.   More to come.....
19 comments on "Progress......."
  1. Hi Jill~ LOVE how your cottage is coming together!;) did you get my question about where in the PNW you moved? Close to Seattle? HOpe you are having a wonderful week~ Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  2. You're making amazing progress! It looks beautiful!

    I know our movers were thinking the same thing about us. OMG, how could she have so many birdhouses, apothecary jars and candy scales?? haha. But even though it's a bit embarrassing, it is heavenly to have someone come in and pack up all of your "treasures" in 2-3 days! :)

    I'm excited to see more pictures. Congratulations on getting moved in!


  3. It must feel great to have some of your 'things' around you, and somewhere to sit! Love how it is looking and the pillow is a great accent piece.

  4. I love it! Excited to see more, and crossing my fingers you will share your paint colors as I can already see you picked a great one for this room, and I'm sure the rest, too!

  5. I can't wait to see more, I love the pillow you got from Anthropologie and how it throws a bit of color into the room!! Your decorating is beautiful :)

  6. It's looking fantastic! Where is your slipcovered sofa from? We are in the market although at the rate we are blowing through money it will probably have to wait a bit!

  7. Your new home is looking lovely.
    I love the Anthro pillow, very pretty.
    I think that when we finally sell our home and move, I will have just as many boxes! LOL!


  8. I am sure it's nice to get all your lovely items out and see them all again.I know that would kill me to be away from all my loot.Welcome Home! ~Cheers Kim

  9. well yay...it's starting to look like home. that's when the fun really begins. love all those windows girl. it looks so pretty! oh and saw suzanne today...we went to the Carver sales. we missed you dearly:(

  10. when can I come over? this looks amazing! Magazine worthy Jill! xoxo Melaine

  11. I've been looking everywhere for a lamp like that. Can you tell me where you found it? Thanks so much!!

  12. PS - I'm referring to the wire lamp on the end table. Thanks!

  13. Wow, you have been busy!! Its looking great! See you around noon tomorrow! Allie

  14. I have just found your blog through a spot of blog hopping and think your new home looks wonderful! You are so lucky! I am so jealous that we don't have any of these fantastic homeware shops here in Scotland, think I may need to find an American friend who will ship stuff to me!!

  15. Wow! Look at you! You have gotten so much accomplished!! Wowzers! And everything is looking fantabulous!!
    Bet the movers were thoroughly entertained!

  16. Happy for the peek: )
    It is rather like X-mas, isn't
    it??? So glad you are all
    settling in and beginning
    to bloom!
    xx Suzanne

  17. So very, very lovely!!! Ooh yes, please give us your paint colors for both wall and trim....they are so light, but yet so warm. They are warm light! I am a Minnesota girl, you know you miss it haha :)) Grew up in Minnetonka (very familiar with cottagewood....used to be good friends with THE "tennis family" of cottagewood). And we now live in Wayzata. Still waiting for the heat to arrive :( !! So happy for you and your new home Can not wait to see what you will be doing....love it so far, and love your aesthetic, Jill. Please post the paint colors for your kitchen/family room (wall and trim).

  18. My goody goodness! You have sone such a great job. I would think that you had been living there for years. Job well done! I love your colours. Jacqueline xx

  19. Jill, your home looks gorgeous and comfy and so inviting. I am sure you and your family will have many years of happiness in it and I am so happy for you that you are finally "home."

    Enjoy the nesting process!
    Much love,


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