complete distracted randomness....

If I was to be completely honest with you...
I would tell you that this has been a week of 'spinning my wheels'...
you know.... the kind of week where you have every intention
of being productive but life and circumstances tend
to get in the way.  

By productive, I am speaking of unpacking more boxes, shuttling
more 'stuff' to Goodwill, general organizing our home to 
optimize family functionality {I know you know what I am talking about}.

I did manage to arrange a few vignettes here and there - and even hung
some pictures!  I realized I have a problem hanging just one 
picture, can't do it, they must have picture friends around them!

{yep, those are original Janet Hill paintings!}
A good distraction was getting out for an afternoon of
shopping in a fun Portland neighborhood with a friend. 

The one thing I missed the most during all of our transitioning {for lack of a better word},
was cooking for my family.  I bought a new cookbook while out shopping and can't 
wait to try some of the recipes this weekend.  I am a cookbook 
collector, betcha didn't know that, huh?  Some get used
more than others and some just sit on the shelf looking pretty.

{I anticipate this one getting lots of use!}

Our puppies spent our transition time at my parents home and since
coming home they have been needy!  How do I say no to this face when she
wants to go for ANOTHER walk?

{Zoe the mini-goldendoodle}

I endured a unpleasant distraction today - went to traffic court
to fight a ticket I got during my first week back in Portland.  Seems
a street that I had used a cut-through for the years I lived here
underwent some traffic sign 
changes made since I left five years ago.  Oops!  
The court reduced the fine, I promptly left and went
directly to the salon for a needed pedi.  I saw no
reason to spend my morning in traffic court and then
home unpacking boxes!  

Since being back in Portland, I have been enjoying easy
access to all my favorite microbrew beers.....
and I am not admitting that this has anything to do 
with my distraction 'problem'....nope, not going to admit that....

****  All the pictures in this post were taken with my iPhone, with 
the Camera Genius app, cause I can't find either of my camera's battery
chargers and both are dead.  I'm thinking I may just stick with
the iPhone.  What do you think????
9 comments on "complete distracted randomness...."
  1. Love what you have done with your new house!;) And I must say that your camera phone works great! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  2. It's lookin' good...keep it up and the boxes with eventually disappear...take out some time to check out my Giveaway ending May 29th at The Cranky Queen! Tiffany

  3. I think your phone takes great pictures. The cherries looked like you could just pop one in your mouth. Congrats on the reduced ticket.

  4. Well I think the iphone is taking fabulous pics.
    And that beer and cherries is looking yummy! Think I will come join you in your microbrew search!!

  5. Loving what you've done with your new home!! and I love your sweet little pup!! So cute:)

  6. What lovely 'distractions'!

    I'm a collector of cookbooks too (that's not to say I am a good cook). This one looks like a keeper!

  7. Oh my goodness....There is NO way I could say 'no' to that sweet little face! lol! She's a heart-melter for sure, Jill! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Hey Jill....!

    I HOPE you & your Family are well Lovey & settling in to your NEW home.... :o) !!!!!

    I'm WAY behind with my reading at the moment due to 'Show' stuff but wanted to stick my head in & let you know I was thinking of you....!!

    I'll be back after the 4th for a GOOD long 'catch up'....!!!

    In the mean time take care & have a WONDERFUL weekend....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah xx

  9. The pix are great...I have nooooo thought that your micro-brews could be distracting and in fact think they could be inspiring you...and bring that damn cute puppy when you come over (unless he/she eats chickens). :o)

    The Boys


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