Displaying kids art.....

If you look closely at the photos in my last post, you will see this small cabinet
sitting on the bottom shelf in our great room.....

This pretty little cabinet holds special treasures.....
my children's 3D art made in school over the years....

You know, those pinch pots and clay animals.....

including cute little owls!

Besides making your little artists feel super special, showing
your special collection in a pretty cabinet is a great way
to personalize your home! My cabinet happens to be a new
reproduction {made to look old} but I see lots of small
cabinets at antiques stores and flea markets that could also
make a great "gallery space"!
7 comments on "Displaying kids art....."
  1. So cute Jill. I love the little snail!! Thanks for sharing.

    ♥ Ashley


  2. Such an adorable way to display your girls special treasures~ I love the little clay figures my sons have made me! :)

  3. i treasure their little creature creations!
    the little owl is too cute
    WHOOO made it?
    did you just roll your eyes?
    sorry...couldn't resist

  4. AWW! I think this is darling!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. I have a cute cabinet
    languishing in our
    storage area. It is new
    looking, but with some
    chalk paint and distressing,
    I am now thinking it might
    have a new life, displaying
    these treasures : ). Okay,
    next post we want to hear
    your opinion on Herman
    Cain's flat-tax plan. Bring
    it, girlie!!!
    xx Suzanne

  6. So, so, so cute! Love this idea.


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