God Bless America

God Bless the USA!

Ten years ago, I lay in a hospital being treated for a blood clot
that threatened not only my life but the life of the sweet baby
girl that was growing inside of me.

Doctors and nurses came and went from my room, stopping
to watch the coverage from New York, Pennsylvania
and Washington DC.......

Now ten years later, I have my health and a beautiful little girl. 
Today I think of all the families, the children who lost parents, 
spouses, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters that horrible
day in our American history.

I am grateful for our brave American men and women who have fought in the 
years since 9/11 for our nations freedom and liberty.

Where were you that day?

2 comments on "God Bless America"
  1. Hi Jill~ Wow your story is amazing..such a blessing you are both ok now! :)
    I was working in colorado springs and talking to a client on the phone when she told me about a horrible accident in New York..when the other ladies in our office and I turned on the tv we witnessed the 2nd plane hit..it was so horrible. :(
    God Bless America xo Rachel

  2. I was at home having my cup of coffee when I saw the building afire. Then I saw the second plane hit and I was in shock. My hubby was with me.
    I will never forget the sick feeling that engulfed me that day!
    So horrific!
    Hugging you


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