Stylin my junk.....

First, let's address the elephant in the room.....
To all those named and/or who commented as 'anonymous' that I 
offended when I posted the Toby Keith video, I am sorry....
This is my blog and technically I have the right to post whatever I darn well please.

If for some reason it offends you to know that I am a 'fiscal conservative'
{the words I am assuming offended you}, you don't have to come
here, and I am ok with that.  It's a free country.

If for some reason you were offended by my use of capitalization, I am also
sorry......if you stick around long enough you will learn
that I tend to over capitalize, under-punctuate, italicize when it "feels right", bold for emphasis,
and commit other random acts
of grammatical errors on a regular basis.

I am who I am and felt inspired to share a video, of a song
that I was totally digging at that moment.  Will I probably do it again?
Heck yea!  'Cause I am not one to play it safe, hide behind the 'neutral' zone on
MY blog {oops, there I go again!}.  I find there is integrity in honesty and 
because I am a big girl, I can take the consequences.  It's not as if
I am selling anything here.  I don't for one minute take for granted those
who come here to read my drivel and cheer on my decorating and family
adventures.  I love the opportunities and friendships that blogging
has brought into my life.  I truly feel blessed by those who offered their support,
and even those who were critical and even Martha Stewart!

So let's return to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we?

Bookshelves flank {hungry for steak anyone?}, each side of the fireplace in our great room.

Styling these can be tricky.

I am lucky 'cause I have LOTS of stuff, or 'junk' some might call it.

But my junk is meaningful to ME, things that belonged to my grandmother, old clocks 
set to the times my children were born {which was mentioned in the feature
on my collections in Flea Market Style magazine - on newsstands now},
books, decorative objects etc...

While the objects on these shelves have pretty much stayed the same since 
moving in five months ago, I did some 'tweaking' last week.

And then I remembered I was a blogger and took some

And now I share them with you.......

In the not so distant future I would like to put some grass cloth 
wallpaper on the back of the bookshelves to give them some texture...

'cause I like the way the sea fans do that now.....
25 comments on "Stylin my junk....."
  1. Oh girl, I must have missed something good! I better make this quick and read on...I am sure you will see a comment on another post from me in a minute. {wink...wink...}

    And hmmm...I spy many an item on that bookshelf that you could find in my very own home. ;o)

    Great minds...


  2. Jill never ever apologize for having an opinion...everyone does and this is your blog and you can control it yourself..who cares if you loose some followers? They are not worth it in the first place. I was born in Scotland and immigrated with my family to Canada when I was 7 and I love both of those country's and America too. You just go girl.
    Oh and I like the decorating part of your blog too..Say what you mean and mean what you say thats my motto. Cheers and keep on keeping on. Frances

  3. Love your blog even more now Jill..wink..wink. xo Rachel

  4. i am so sick of people thinking they are doing anything right,encouraging,helpful, or whatever when they come onto someones personal blog and correct or have an opinion that might be hurtful. its disgusting behavior and they need to find a different hobby. maybe one where they can do something good AND feel like the superior beings they think they are.
    the longer i read blogs the more i am finding my "bloggy friends" having to address this... wth?
    you bet these folks would never even think to address people this way face to face.
    sorry you had to feel the need to apologize to anyone for anything. i wish people would just take their perfect selves and read perfect blogs.
    keep it real girl.

  5. Hi Jill... For the record, I teach both high school and college English. Your style of writing/punctuation has never offended me in the least!! I think part of what makes blogging so wonderful is that each of us have our own unique "voice" (English term!!)..where we can write in our own style. That is wonderful! Secondly, I live...and teach...in Oklahoma.....And that would be the home of Toby Keith. He did a benefit concert for the OKC National Memorial (the sight of the bombing), which my sister is the CEO of. AND, she let me be the "hostess" for the day for Toby. For real. I was there to make sure he had everything he needed during rehearsal, before the benefit, etc. It was a great day! He is exceptionally nice to all the military people that were there, or tried to see him before the concert. He is exactly what he portrays himself to be. No pretenses at all! (That is more than I can say about people that hide behind 'anonymous'). Sorry to take up so much space. Keep it up. We love it. Have a great week. Lori Lucas

  6. You shouldn't apologize to your reader for something you believe in.

  7. I think Oprah is right.....just sayin.

  8. you is kind...
    you is smart...
    you is important.

  9. About your shelves....I like your photography....beautiful shots but after all the tight shots, I would like to see the whole bookshelf.

  10. Just keep being yourself and don't worry about those negative people!

    I love your writing style and that's why I come here.

    Love the book shelves too. You are right about them being tricky to arrange. I struggle with mine all the time. Now, I can take a lesson from yours.


  11. your bookcases look great! love the idea of setting the time on the clocks to when your children were born. so sweet!

    ashley over @

  12. I LOVE you and the pictures of your shelves! This is exactly what I need help with at my house!

  13. I didn't check out the video after your last post, but now I did! Ha ha! What's so wrong with being proud of being an American? I don't get it. And I don't get the uproar, if I see an opinion I don't agree with I just scroll down, I don't have to bash their opinion--just my opinion! :)

  14. Preach it Girlfriend...!!!!

  15. Jill, I Love your blog!! I share your same beliefs.

    I also love your bookshelves. I'm so tired of my build-in wooden shelves, I've been trying to get my husband to spray them for sometime now.. Now I gotta have them done.

    Keep up the Awesomeness!!!

  16. I always enjoy seeing what you do next to your new home! The bookcases look great. I agree that some grasscloth wallpaper would be a wonderful addition too.

  17. Jill,
    Had to go back and see what the ruckus was all about, how unbelievable, your blog, your thoughts and opinions, (sp)? isn't that what America's all about? We are all "free" to think and say what we want right, so what's the dang problem? What's with Anom saying you don't get it because your family member is not in the service? Most people know of someone who is in or has served and can feel sympathy and pride for what they have gone or are going through. My son, 25, went in the Marines right out of HS, served 5 yrs, was in Iraq twice, my middle son, 22, is in the AF, in right out of HS, is in his 4th and last year and getting ready to leave for Afganistan any day now. My family is in the service, does that make my opinnion (sp?) more or less right or wrong?
    I live 30 mins from Nashville, so you know I love country music! Trace Adkins and Toby Keith sing it like it is! If you haven't heard Toby's CD, Shock'n Y'all, (it's and older one) you have GOT to get it and listen, it's fabulous and hilarious! If people didn't like the song you posted, they would have a heart attack over a couple of the songs on it, they crack me up, (don't know what that says about me) I love it! Just to peak your interest, here are the titles of a couple of my favorites. (this 1st one would really get them, I think it's very funny)If I was Jesus, The Critic, and The Talaban song. It also has American Soldier and some other great songs.
    Would love for you to listen and tell me what you think!
    BTW, love what you did with your shelves, they look great and loved your spread in JMS mag.

  18. Wow! I am blown away by all the nice comments! You all made my day!
    xo~ Jill

  19. I totally agree with Oprah and Stedman!! I have followed your blog for awhile now, and you should never apologize for how you feel! You are a wonderful person (even though I have never met you, but my friend JoDee has and she absolutely loved you!!). Your blog is very inspiring! And I LOVE Toby Keith!!

  20. I love your blog no matter what!! Thanks for sharing your new styling. I love how you decorate. Such an inspiration!

    ♥ Ashley


  21. I don't think people were offended by the words "fiscal conservative". There is plenty to be offended about (on both sides) but labels are meaningless in the big picture. If we label ourselves or assume others don't agree with us we are shortchanging ourselves and others. And you know what they say about the word assume...

  22. You're making me smile again!

  23. why are all my critics and 'lesson teachers' named anonymous? just askin'...

  24. My husband calls my stuff junk, too. Love your style and glad I found you while blog hopping.

  25. Hi Jill! I am a new follower and just want to say... WOW! Your home and your style is amazing! I love this post especially as I have a ginormous entertainment unit that we built and I have a dickens of a time decorating it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful home and giving us lots of inspiration!


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