Down Pipe....improving a challenging area of the house.

Accent walls......I'll be honest, I have never been a fan.
This weekend, I made an exception......due to a love
affair with a paint color and desperation to improve
the hallway in my home with SIX, yes SIX doorways.

The photo above is a great representation of the view I have 
from my kitchen island - a place I stand for about 5,954 hours
a day and I always felt the view to the back hallway was blah.....
It completely lacks architecture and the light walls were not
helping it's cause.  

I am using Farrow & Ball's "Down Pipe" in my 
bathroom {more to come on that makeover} and
just loved it, like alot!  I had leftover paint and
thought I would paint the wall a dark color
to add interest and dimension.

Like I said above, this hallway, although small in size
has six doorways!  Drives me nuts!  One doorway leads
to our master bedroom, another the laundry room, another a 
bathroom, another to the garage, one to a coat closet
 and one to my husband's office.
That's alot of doors!  

I will be looking to add a Dash & Albert stripe-y runner to
the space.  

So, where do you stand on accent walls?  
A design 'do'?  or a design 'don't'?

13 comments on "Down Pipe....improving a challenging area of the house."
  1. This accent wall was a definite "DO"! Love it! And can't wait to see it with your Dash and Albert runner!

  2. I'm pretty sure you can do no wrong! It looks amazing!

  3. Looks great! I may have to use that color. I've never liked accent walls, but you definitely make it work.

  4. I like yours' very much! Cool and just the right touch!!
    It just depends on where the wall is located. Especially is you have an inset wall in an awkward position.
    Which I do and I painted it a reddish brown color called Burnt Mulberry. Gliden.

  5. I think it looks fabulous! In the right context an accent wall works! Great job and it looks lovely.

  6. I was always a very big, absolute DON"T....until I found a colour I loved but it was too much for a whole room and now I have several feature walls in my house :)

    I guess never say never!

  7. It looks great! I used to say no but then found one really worked in our bedroom...We ladies do have the right to change our minds, right?

  8. I am absolutely not an accent wall person. But I am completely in love with what you did. That is exactly the punch you needed there. Well done lady!

  9. We painted a gray accent wall in a similar hallway, but I was too chicken to go as dark as you did. Now I have painter's remorse. Do you know what would be awesome? Painting your doors the darkest charcoal (black!) What say ye?
    K A Y

  10. Where di you get the coat hook?! love it!

  11. I love the design, great post!

    -Bronx Shower Doors

  12. A part of my bedroom is an accent wall and I have enjoyed it for 20 years. I think accent walls just need some touch ups. The hue if your accent wall is perfect! It is just the right pick for 6 doors! Your lighting also contributes to the walls’ beauty. I will be waiting for your next accomplishment. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jill, the hallway looks terrific! I love the Farrow and Ball Down Pipe color with the doors. It's the perfect color to contrast. I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog. You wouldn't have to do a thing, just let me know if you're interested!


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