Nature's tree lot...

One reason I love reading blogs is to see regional traditions
and ways of life.  This country of ours is diverse!
We are so lucky!
I know some southern friends cannot believe
I have never had grits......but I bet they have never
traveled up to 4000ft and hiked at the base of a mountain
to find their Christmas tree! 

I never take the beauty of Oregon for granted.  It
is such a beautiful place to live.  My daily
life affords me few opportunities to really get
out and enjoy nature, but I am
happy that we once again got our Bureau of 
Land Management permit {5 BUCKS people!}
and went and cut our family Christmas tree
at the base of Mt. Bachelor in central Oregon.

The two girlies pictured above may have mentioned a hundred couple
times that the grocer near our house had some pretty trees
in their parking lot.......but once we were there and 
walking in the beautiful forest, among
the fir stands, they sort of forgot all about 
those perfectly groomed, easily acquired grocer trees.
Cries of 'over here' and 'hey, I found a good one' were
heard again and again.

It was a beautiful sunny day with just 
a bit of snow cover at this elevation.
Skiing at the mountain opened for the season
on this day - higher up with much more snow.

Our tree!

Oregon ranks as one of the largest producers
of Christmas trees in the U.S.  There
are Christmas tree farms everywhere!  So it
seems it bit ironic that we choose to go
cut a natural tree!

I would not have it any other way.

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7 comments on "Nature's tree lot..."
  1. making memories is what it is all about. Lovely story. We were in
    Montana one year and did that too
    only it was -5 degrees still a
    memory was made.

  2. lovely tradition of cutting your own christmas tree down...My sister lives in Eugene and do visit quite often and love it!

  3. What a beautiful state Oregon is, Jill! Like you, I live and take trips vicariously through beautiful blogs like yours! I love visiting various states and countries during the seasons. I've never been to Oregon, but your photos pushed me to put it on my Bucket List. :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. We usually go and cut down our trees this way too. I always like to find the scrawny ones who need to be loved.

  5. We have never done a BLM tree, but YES! we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful state!! What a fun trip. Love Bend :) Anxious to go over soon.

  6. You know I'd love
    to do this, Jill!!!

    What a special time
    for all of you. I bet
    your tree is gorgeous,
    too, just like your little

    xo Suzanne


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