My list.....

Christmas 2012

I'll be honest - the gift giving part of Christmas stresses me out!
Of course, it has always been important to get our
girls enough to make them happy but not too
much as to over-indulge them.  My husband and I
have usually kept to a couple simple gifts - but he
is completely hard to buy for!  My parents are
generous so you always want to try and match
their generosity and also have the gift reflect
your appreciation. Often, I feel like I fall short.

Me, I am pretty easy - I know what I like and then
I put everything in a Polyvore set and blog about it
for the world to see!  Mostly, I did this
for fun - as many of these items are
pretty spectacular!
Based on my selections, I
would say I am a girl looking to work on her fitness,
who likes to be comfortable and stylish and
perhaps cook a mean pot roast! Ha!

*We are not yet decking our halls - still enjoying
pumpkin pie and an impromptu out of town visitor!
Happy Saturday to you!

4 comments on "My list....."
  1. LOl loved seeing your wish list...I should do that too! ha! ;)



  2. Oh girl, those Ugg slippers are DIVINE! So cozy and soft! And I would love that dutch oven, too! Good luck, hope you get it all! :o)

  3. Cute denim shirt! And you can never go wrong with yoga pants :)

  4. We haven't decked our halls yet either surprisingly. Just enjoying some Sunday evening football and leftovers ;). Love your list. Just made mine today too {and of course blogged about it}.



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