I hit the thrift store jackpot....[finally!]

I don't often visit thrift stores, I leave frustrated
and underwhelmed.  But if, like me, you read many design blogs, you
often hear about all the terrific finds that the dedicated 
thrift shoppers score.....and think, "well if they can, so can I."

 This summer, I had decided to do a little experiment,
I would visit my local Goodwill on a regular
basis.  Most visits were quick - the Goodwill is
near my gym so I would run in quick after a workout,
literally head straight to the back to the home goods
section, walk each aisle with purpose - with special
attention paid to the vintage brass department, 
vintage porcelain {for blue & white}, lamps
and vintage wooden goods.....lastly, I would
hit the furniture aisle.  Now mind you, my
Goodwill is relatively small and so is their furniture
section.  However, a couple weeks ago, 
I hit the furniture jackpot {at least for me}.

Right there, next to the random Ikea cast offs and diaper changing
stations was this beautiful European pine cabinet!

I kid you not!

Girls, I had a PHYSICAL reaction.....I almost threw
myself on top of it for fear someone else would grab
it from me {ha!}.  Instead, I gathered myself and determined
that, in fact, I was not dreaming, Then I did what any self-respecting
lover of vintage pine would do - I grabbed the price sticker off, 
yelled to the closest Goodwill employee that this was MINE
and proceeded to snap iPhone photos and send them to 
all my best girlfriends who would appreciate my sweet discovery!
{heyyyyyy, Allie, Meg & Carrie!}

How much you ask? 

$89.99, seriously!

So what's the moral of this story, you ask?

Go to the thrift store and go often......

31 comments on "I hit the thrift store jackpot....[finally!]"
  1. Daaaaaaaaaaang! And that's what thrifting is all about! She's gorgeous.

  2. Jackpot, indeed. Is it okay if I'm jealous? I enjoy your blog. Hope you continue to have such lucky shopping mojo...

  3. Beautiful! I suspect "your" Goodwill might be "my" Goodwill, too, so I guess I better start checking in regularly, too.

  4. I guess the one visit I made to Goodwill was not enough. There is one next to the grocery store so I will have to start visiting it regularly.

    Your cabinet is W O N D E R F U L.

  5. I think I will always love a good thrift store hunt! It takes a few sweet finds to become addicted, but once you do, watch out!! ;)

  6. Amazing find!! It's beautiful. I love Goodwill and make trips every week.

    I've pinned several things I have found at Goodwill that I have then found on One King's Lane. I list the One King's Lane price and then the price I paid at Goodwill.


  7. Good Girl! What a great score! I am very jealous! See, it does pay off. You just have to be tenacious. Wow! Oh, BTW,I thought of you today. Saw some brass curtain tie backs at Monticello, but I wasn't sure if you would have wanted them. I thought they were cool. I haven't been doing much thrifting lately, but now I want to head back out and look for more treasures.

  8. What I also want to know, who on earth would donate that? What a treasure!

  9. What a fabulous find Wow! I too would have thrown myself at this amazing piece and what a great price.It looks stunning!

  10. I dream of finding a piece like yours! I think they placed the decimal point in the wrong place. Gorgeous!

  11. What an amazing find! Yes, I do think the trick to Thrift Stores is going all the time which I just don't do. That is really an incredible piece.

  12. Wow! What a beautiful piece at an amazing price. Good for you! I love how you styled it, and it looks perfect in that spot in your house. Well done!

  13. LUCKy!!! So jealous of you right now. Congratulations on your prize!


  14. Wow!! Gorgeous! I used to go regularly, but it gets so frustrating. That is an awesome score!!

  15. I have major cabinet envy right now!

  16. Best.Find.Ever!!

  17. It is beautiful Jill - but you already knew that. Lucky find!

  18. Love it Jill!! Now, what are you going to do with the white cabinet? That was a favorite of mine too! You hit the jackpot for sure with this one!

  19. I have yet to shop a Goodwill. I see others find such great treasures but I just haven't made the effort yet. You have definitely scored. She's a beauty!

  20. Wow, what a find, lucky you and at such a great price. It does make you wonder who on earth would give it up !

  21. No way! That is an amazing find! It is beautiful!!

  22. Beautiful find! And what a bargain price too - good for you!

  23. Jill,

    A very nice piece indeed! I can totally relate! I just purchased a lovely hand painted secretary desk by DREXEL HERITAGE at my local resale shop! I could not believe my eyes and was in a total state of shock. Anyway, miracles do happen!!!


  24. Beautiful.....congratulations!!!! I would love to find such a great find. It's the thrill of the hunt!


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