Too busy....

I know I am not alone when I say, "I am too busy".....
us mom-types tend to take on too much in an
effort to not disappoint anyone but while everyone
else is happy, happy, happy, we are MISERABLE.

This quote, spotted on Pinterest, spoke loud
and clear to me yesterday after yet another
busy weekend where I did lots but not a lot
of what I really wanted to do.
That must stop.

Summer is speeding by and in a few short
weeks I will have a daughter in high school {gulp!}
and another will begin middle school.  I want
to enjoy these weeks and be present for all 
the excitement.

I also have some decorating projects in the works.
Those are coming to the blog - soon.

So, what have you been up to lately?

*** BTW - thanks for all the nice comments regarding
my amazing sister-in-law.  She ended up having to drop
out of the race at mile 89 - after experiencing similar health
issues to those she experienced in 2010 and 2012.  She had 
a two hour lead over the next closest female runner and
was on pace for breaking her own course record!
She, of course, is disappointed but we are so
proud of her for making a wise choice for 
her health.
7 comments on "Too busy...."
  1. So true!! The good thing about getting a little older is it seems easier to muster up the "No" every now and then...without apologizing. :)

    1. For awhile I was being so good in my 'experienced' age but then I find myself slipping - this was a good reminder - I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. As a busy mom type, middle school teacher/activities director, volleyball coach and a creative being, I ALWAYS was doing too much. It was a about the time my daughter hit middle school and my son was in his last year of high school that I began to say NO. It was for small things at first, but it felt good.

    Enjoy your children because they grow up too quickly. Fortunately we enjoy our adult children and they enjoy spending time with us. It might just be that we pay for the ski trips, but I like to think it is the fun family time together.

  3. When I say no it is always with a million appologies attached an a bag of guilt left behind. But I am getting better ~ one of the gifts of getting older perhaps. I really love the part of your quote about a bigger yes burning inside. It puts a whole new spin on saying no because by saying no you are really saying yes to something much more important. Thank you Jill!

  4. Such a great reminder. There is always something else to do isn't there?


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