Summer Design Board Sale!

Helping homeowners, both near and far, decorate their homes
 has been both a blessing and an absolute BLAST this past year.
I have to admit, it sometimes it still surprises me just
how busy you all have kept me. 

I am not taking on any new local client projects until September.
First and foremost I am a momma and my girls need
my taxi services this summer.  I am working on some
really fun projects in the Portland area and I will
look forward to seeing them completed then
shared here!

With the amount of local work I have had, I have not really
'promoted' my e-design services.  However, I would love
to work with some of you outside the Portland area
via e-design this summer!

I have found that e-design works best when clients communicate
their needs and wants clearly and in a detailed manner.  The more 
information I have, the better!  As a client, in addition to expressing
your likes/dislikes, wants and needs, you will share lots of photos
of your space, your Pinterest boards and your hopes and dreams….
{just kidding on that last one, it's decorating after all!}.

After you provide all the above information, I get to work on 
a design board which I send to you. Then you give me feedback
and I tweak as needed until it meets your needs and is 
ultimately, a room you can't wait to get working to 
complete in your home!

When the design board is complete, I provide you a 
complete source list for all the items so you 
know where to go and buy everything!

I am going to take on FOUR e-design clients for July
and FOUR e-design clients for August.

I would LOVE to work with YOU!
Wouldn't it be great to get a design finalized over 
the summer and ready to complete when the kids
return to school in September?

And just because, I decided to discount my e-design fee!

A completed space {one room} will cost $200.

I require a 50% deposit down to reserve your spot and
the balance paid when I submit the first version of 
the design board to you {all via Paypal}.

And, as an added bonus…….{queue the drumroll},
I am adding an option of asking a single design question -
whether it be regarding paint color, pillow combos, 
furniture recommendation, etc……
for $20. I have found many clients don't
need a complete room design but are struggling with a 
certain element and just want some old fashioned advice.

If you would like to reserve a spot, ask a question etc….
please email me at jillbeth@aol.com!

I look forward to working with you this summer!!!

2 comments on "Summer Design Board Sale!"
  1. I would like your blog followers to know that I am a very satisfied E-client. You are ver easy and fun to work with, Jill. Please save a spot for me for a one question consult. Thanks!

    1. Tricia - This means more to me than you will ever know! Thank you. And you were easy and fun to work with too!


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