Happy Friday everyone!

There has been lots of good stuff happening around
here lately and I have enjoyed enjoying it…..
I promise to resume a more regular blogging
routine next week when both my girls return to school.

This weekend holds lots of fun….we will celebrate
my girl who made me a momma SIXTEEN years ago
this coming Monday…..she was born 4 weeks early on 
September 1, 1998……I have always said her early
birth was an indication of her fiesty personality…..couldn't 
even wait to be full-term…she had things to do and accomplish
in this life….and mostly it has proven true.   She began
her sophomore year in high school this week, made the
varsity soccer team and is really a joy to parent at this 
stage of her life.  She will celebrate her birthday with 8 of her 
closest girlfriends at a fondue restaurant and 
then a sleepover at our house…..good stuff!

Wishing you all a fun-filled holiday weekend!

2 comments on "Friday!"
  1. Fondue and a sleepover sounds fun! HB to your daughter!

  2. Hope she had a wonderful birthday! They grow up too fast


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