Perhaps it's the season of my life….
or our busy summer….
But for whatever reason, I have found myself
"racing to the next moment"…..and I don't 
like it one bit…….

My big girl starts her sophomore year of high school
in just 21 days, and my little one in 27 days.
I vow to "enjoy the ride" this month….
so if my posting is more than my usual sporadic, 
I hope you will understand.

I DO have a great post coming later this week with updated
photos of my favorite room in our home.

I am off to enjoy some moments…...
4 comments on "Lately….."
  1. I just realized how little time was left of the summer to spend with the kids before they go back to school - and before we start tackling our bathroom renovation project.

  2. I completely relate Jill! Our oldest leaves for college in a few short weeks and our youngest will be a sophomore. Enjoy your sweet family.

  3. boy....our week has been like this also...hoping this weekend will slow down!!!! Yours too......enjoy!~


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