Mixing Styles……my living room updates!

Like many design enthusiasts and bloggers, our family home also 
serves as a laboratory of sorts for my design-obsessions and 
experimental urges!  

Our small living room is one of my favorite places to 
play.  There was a time when I doubted the decision
to slipcover my sofa in such a bold pattern but now it
is really one of my favorite things in the room.  

I love many different styles of home decor and this room
definitely reflects that!  Recently, I have wanted to begin
to de-clutter my home and add some more contemporary elements.

Vintage touches will always be a favorite but I want to begin
using them in a more understated way - mixing
in different styles for a more interesting look.

I recently had my electrician husband swap out the more
traditional lantern fixture for the more contemporary 
Vega 5 fixture from Schoolhouse Electric.  Schoolhouse Electric is a local 
Portland-based company and the maker of so many wonderful
vintage-inspired lighting options for your home.  In addition,
Schoolhouse Electric also sells beautiful home decor and 
fun art prints and posters!

This room has not changed much in the last couple years which
is unusual around here.  And even though this room has no
television and serves as my 'office' and design materials
storage space, it is really a favorite of everyone in our family.

Photo-bombing dogs included!!!


Wall Color:  BM Duxbury Gray
Vega 5 Chandelier:  Schoolhouse Electric
Pouf: Target
Rug: Pottery Barn
Sofa: Restoration Hardware {over 8 years ago}
Slipcover Fabric:  Waverly
Brass Lamp:  Goodwill
Coffee Table:  World Market {discounted, unfortunately}
Side Table: Vintage
Wood Panel: Vintage
Small Pillow:  Schumacher 'Betwixt'

13 comments on "Mixing Styles……my living room updates!"
  1. I love the way you've balanced eclectic with inviting - it's really beautiful. I would love to get my hands on a bamboo side table and that furry-looking pouf piece - great pieces! And by the way, my dogs are also constantly photo-bombing my blogging pics! -Diane

    1. Thanks so much - hope you can find those pieces!

  2. I love you how successfully mixed styles in the room and how well it works in your space. This is not always easy to do and you have done it beautifully. And your little doggie is precious and looks great in the room too. :-)

    1. Oh, thank you for your sweet words.

  3. Love the way everything flows together.

  4. I've never been a big fan of gray walls, even though I know they are very popular these days. But, they look lovely in your living room ....warm and inviting!

  5. Jill, my favorite thing about your style is how it is uniquely you. I never feel like you are trying to be someone else, or copy every new fad. Your tastes evolve but remain true to who you are. Well done lady! I always enjoy a warm, cozy visit to your home even if it's just through pictures.

  6. I love that you aren't
    afraid to play around and
    have fun with your cozy
    nest, Jill! It's such a
    lovely reflection of lovely

    xo Suzanne

  7. Saw this on pinterest and had to come over and tell you how awesome your room is!

  8. What a beautiful, cozy room! Isn't it funny how the scariest design decisions (like your couch slipcover) often end up being the favorites?! Gorgeous!!


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